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How & Where Do You Find Your Perfect Puppy ?

All super exciting and something you may have been waiting for many years for the time that you can safely say you can welcome a new little life into your world. Maybe your work and other commitments have been such that there really wasn’t time to give your all to another living being. BUT, now your circumstances have changed and you’ve got the time to give a great life to a four-legged fluff ball and enhance your own too.

You’ll probably be getting heaps of advice from family, friends, looking through local papers and trawling about on the internet.

It’s really difficult to know what breed will suit you best sometimes and where is the best place to find your new friend.

First, decide on the breed you would like.

So take into consideration, (which I’m sure you have already) How big is your home, are you going on very long active walks or just pottering, will it fit in your car when fully grown! Vets bills and insurance, behavioural help (you may need it), how much is the fully grown pup going to eat, beds, bowls, harness, lead, car harness or crate etc

Finding a blank canvass puppy is not as straightforward these days as it was, but here are a few pointers to help you make a great choice.

There are puppy farms now passing pups into “selling homes” These people are affiliated to these farms and sell these pups on as bred by themselves. These pups are also being smuggled in not just from Ireland, but Europe too and being given false certification on age and wellbeing.

  • Firstly A Puppies Mother Should Look Fit And Plump. If shes been raw fed with a balanced enriched diet you will know the pups are also in top condition too.
  • It’s important to remember, to Look locally for someone who’s has had the odd litter and doesn’t own lots of breeding bitches.
  • If you have a young family buy a pup from someone who has children who handle the pups gently, so worth visiting when they are about.
  • Check if the pups have been handled well, all you have to do is hold one and it should fall asleep in your arms and not be over nibbly or wriggly.
  • Pups that have been handled gently since birth will accept change into your human world with far more ease and be so much more straightforward.
  • The experiences they have at such a young age have a massive bearing on how they are the rest of their lives.
  • If they are born from a mother who’s very high drive, reactive or nervous dog, it will mean that they have had adrenaline pumping through their bodies while in the womb. They already have big, flee, freeze, fight hormones.
  • A gentle bitch is far more likely to produce gentle pups that will be easier to bring up.
  • Ensure the pups were born in the home, not in the garage or a kennel and from a calm and gentle mother, so they have been exposed to all the sights and sounds of family living.
  • Ensure you see the mother and that she is actually with them or has constant access to them right up to the time you pick your puppy up.
  • Pups should be at least 8 weeks before they are removed from their mum
  • Make sure the mother you see is actually the pups mother, she should still be nursing them periodically up to the time they leave.
  • Is the mother looking in good health or skinny? If she is skinny then she hasn’t had enough food to keep up with the demands on her body.
  • Pick the lazy pup who doesn’t seem to be phased by much, the one that can cuddle up to you and approach you in a gentle way.
  • Choose one that will lay gently with you and not wriggly and nibby. These pups have been gently handled by the breeder and their family so have a great start and will slot far more easily into your world


Choosing where you get your pup from and the personality of both the bitch and the breeder is very important and also how the pups are handled. If you can, go visit the father too.

Always go with your gut feeling, if it feels wrong it will be wrong. Don’t take a pup because you feel sorry for it as this is why puppy farms and people with fewer scruples earn their living.

My preference is always to buy local, within in an hour, so you can pop in regularly to keep updates on your new addition.

Do not ever buy a pup over the phone and meet the breeder at a service station. A great breeder will actually interview you, maybe for a good hour before you even see a puppy. These really care that they are passing their pups on to someone who really will do their very best for it.

Do not enter into any contract that they can breed from your bitch if they sell it to you cheaper. Or that they can use your dog as a stud. Ensure they have no rights what so ever over your new four-legged friend.

Oh, Golly… there are so many do nots … but just trying to help you find a lovely friendly little one that you can enjoy that comes to you ready to be loved and of stable mind.

Always take a sensible friend with you so your heart doesn’t rule your head J

Next up will be preparations for the pending arrival of your new puppy.

Caroline Spencer – Dog Behaviourist


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