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Thank you for being an advocate for raw feeding, this is a passion of our ours and it’s really important that anybody who represents us has the same passion for natural feeding.

So why would you want to sign your customers up on our subscription model?  Here are some of the reasons we have come up I’m sure you can think of more!

  • No need to buy stock
  • No need to finance stock
  • No need to store stock
  • No need to carry huge ranges
  • Never out of stock
  • No need to manage/rotate stock
  • No need to pay for refunds
  • No need to pay for product waste
  • No need to employ staff to sell
  • No need to take up valuable retail space
We want to take the hassle from you:
  • % Commission paid on every subscription for the life of that subscription
  • We deliver direct to customer
  • We handle all customer complaints
  • We manage refunds
  • We manage stock replacements
  • We provide free customer advice
  • Always available on line or on telephone
  • We up sell, treats, bones, pet insurance and more increasing the commission paid
  • We 100% fund promotional discounts
  • Our subscription model ensures customer loyalty and ongoing repeat sales
How it works:

We give you a specific code to use so we know it’s your customer.

We have a scaling commission structure based on volume of turnover:

  1. £0 – £999 per month 5% Commission
  2. £1,000 – £1,999 per month 6% Commission
  3. £2,000 – £5,000 per month 7% Commission
  4. £5,001+ get in touch

There is an extra 1% commission paid if you become a collection point as a handling fee.

We pay you the commission every month.

Opportunities arise by taking the delivery of your customers orders into your shop and they can pick it up directly from you which in turns means you can still up-sell treats etc.  It’s an added bonus for customers who have busy lives and won’t be at home to take delivery, perfect if a customer lives in a flat.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to apply we are limiting the amount of re-sellers in any area so we will need to take your postcode into account.