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How Much Raw Food Should I Feed My Dog?

We understand that every dog is different so will have unique dietary requirements. We recommend that in general your dog should consume around 2% to 3% of its body weight per day. Therefore a dog weighing 5kg should be eating approximately 100g of food per day.

These raw dog food guidelines understand that every dog is different based on the lifestyle it leads as they can be particularly active or live a sedentary life, and you should alter the portion sizes of your dog’s meals accordingly.

Raw Dog Food Guidelines

  • Small Dog 100g per day; adults weighing up to 4.5kg
  • Small to Medium 200 – 300g per day; adults weighing between 4.5 and 11.5kg
  • Medium 300-400g weighing between 11.5kg and 22.5kg
  • Medium to large 500-700g per day weighing between 22.5 and 35.5kg
  • Large 700g per day weighing 34kg +

Our Raw Dog Food Ranges

Not sure what type of raw dog food will be best for your best friend? We have three main ranges for adult dogs:

  • Working Dog Raw Dog Food: the perfect raw food for active dogs, the Complete Working Dog range helps your dog remain fit and healthy with all the protein and nutrients they need. No gluten, grains, and vastly reduced lectin levels.
  • 80:80:10 Raw Dog Food: the 80:80:10 range is ideal if you’re looking for raw dog food without vegetables; each meal is 80% meat, 10% offal, and 10% bone.
  • Enriched Raw Dog Food: our enriched food helps protect your dog’s health through excellent nutrition. You’ll find no gluten or grains and even more reduced lectin in these delicious meals!

Do I Need to Wean My Dog onto Raw Pet Food?

A lot of dogs take to a raw diet without any problems. Nevertheless, we suggest starting by serving 3/4 of your dog’s usual food in the morning with 1/4 of the suitable portion of Raw Pet Food later the same day doing this for a week should result in a successful transition.

Each portion of Raw Pet Foods is hand-made and weighed, meaning that any unused portion of a bag can be kept in the fridge or freezer until next meal time. Any portion that has defrosted cannot be re-frozen.

What About Raw Puppy Food?

Puppies need both the right type and the right amount of food during their development. They need protein to build growing bodies and calcium for developing bones.  We believe it is important that puppies are weighed regularly to determine correct growth.

Feed your puppy:

  • 2-4 months – 8% of their body weight per day.
  • 4-6 months – 6% of their body weight per day.
  • 6-8 months – 4% of their body weight per day.
  • 8-12 months – 3% of their body weight per day.

Browse our raw puppy food range to find the perfect options for your puppy. Also check out www.puppychart.com to help plan your feeding program going forward.

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This is just a guide to feeding your dog, please take into account age, how active they are, any illnesses, etc.

Weight of Dog
Feeding Suggestion
8KG Box Delivery Cycle
Cost per day £
Order Now
3kg 75g 107 0.35 Click to order
4kg 100g 80 0.46 Click to order
5kg 125g 64 0.58 Click to order
6kg 150g 53 0.69 Click to order
7kg 175g 46 0.81 Click to order
8kg 200g 40 0.92 Click to order
9kg 225g 36 1.04 Click to order
10kg 250g 32 1.16 Click to order
11kg 275g 29 1.27 Click to order
12kg 300g 27 1.39 Click to order
13kg 325g 25 1.50 Click to order
14kg 350g 23 1.61 Click to order
15kg 375g 21 1.76 Click to order
16kg 400g 20 1.85 Click to order
17kg 425g 19 1.95 Click to order
18kg 450g 18 2.06 Click to order
19kg 475g 17 2.18 Click to order
20kg 500g 16 2.31 Click to order
21kg 510g 16 2.31 Click to order
22 to 25kg 520 to 550g 15 2.47 Click to order
26 to 29kg 560 to 590g 14 2.64 Click to order
30 to 34kg 600 to 650g 13 2.77 Click to order
35 to 39kg 650 to 690g 12 3.01 Click to order
40 to 52kg 700 to 760g 11 3.24 Click to order
53 to 68kg 765 to 840g 10 3.70 Click to order
69 to 70kg 845 to 850g 9 4.11 Click to order


If you are unsure of your dogs weight please us the following Breed guides to give you some idea.  If your dog has a target weight you want to achieve, then feed them based on that and not their current weight.

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