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See What Vets Say About Raw Diets For Dogs

Our passion is to produce great raw Labrador food
as nature intended.

*Human grade ingredients
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*As nature intended

Why We Do What We Do

The best diet for your Labrador’s health

You love your Labrador for its friendly, playful and intelligent nature.
Labradors were bred as strong, loyal hunting dogs, but the exercise-loving labrador is actually more prone to allergies than almost any other breed.

The labrador’s immune system produces higher levels of Immunoglobulin E (IgE) than most other dogs*. These trigger the release of histamines – which can cause inflammation and irritation and distress to the dog.

Coinciding with the move from wet food to dry, kibble products, food allergies affecting dogs’ ears, skin and gastric systems have risen alarmingly in recent years.

For this, and many other reasons, it may well be time to wean your lab off their current diet and onto a natural raw food diet.

The natural diet for a Labrador

For dogs in the wild, consuming food is only one part of the process of chasing, catching, killing and eating. Labradors are natural hunters and the extra chewing and time spent consuming the meat and bone of a raw food diet gives them a huge amount of pleasure.

Less tooth plaque, nicer poo – happier Labrador!

There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence from owners that raw food diets result in far less tooth plaque or tartar – reducing the incidence of ‘dog breath’ and creating smaller, less smelly stools. Raw food is also much efficient at emptying dogs’ anal glands. The result? A happy, healthy dog!
* https://www.vetinfo.com/common-labrador-allergies.html

Common Health Issues For Labradors

The common health issues you are likely to come across tend to fall into three main groups for Labradors.  We believe from the research we have done and the results we have seen that a Bella & Duke raw diet will help in these 3 areas:

  • Joint problems
  • Obesity related conditions
  • Cancer

Because Labradors have floppy ears they can be prone to ear problems. This is because they can create a warm and cozy environment for germs to grow.

We advise you get your Lab checked out if they starts scratching their ears against the floor or scratching at them with his back paws.

Allergies that cause Skin problems and smells are also pretty common in Labs too we have seen many issues go away when the dog is moved off a processed food (even the special vet one which is typically processed) and onto a raw balanced diet as nature intended.

Text below taken from Embrace Pet Insurance with more detailed common issues:

Cancer is also common; unfortunately, it’s more difficult to predict and avoid. If you’re getting a puppy, ask the breeder about the ages of the dogs in her lines and what they died of. This information will give you some general information – but sadly, no guarantees. In the same study done by the OFA, 41% of dogs reported as deceased died of cancer.

Remember that after you’ve taken a new pet into your home, you have the power to protect it from two of the most common health problems: Obesity (which makes other health issues worse) and eating inappropriate objects. Make the most of your preventive abilities to help ensure a healthier dog for life.

Condition Risk Profile
Cancer High
Hip Dysplasia Medium
Osteochondrosis of the Ankle/Knee High
Entropion High
Exercise Induced Collapse High
Osteochondrosis of the Elbow High
Cardiomyopathy High
Elbow Dysplasia Medium
Patellar Luxation High
Portosystemic Shunts Medium
Cataracts High
Based on claims paid by Embrace Pet Insurance


It is our belief that many chronic diseases that Labrador’s contract can be reduced or eliminated through a balanced and natural diet.  We take the holistic view that prevention is better that dishing out medicine to manage the symptoms and less expensive!