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The price chart below uses the average weight of a Border Collie, you can adjust how often you get a box delivered, you are in full control.  There are no minimum orders and you can cancel at any time.

Example Cost For An Average Border Collie

Border Collie (16KG) Suggested Daily Feed 400g
Box Size Price Per Box How long it will last Cost per day
4kg £24.99 10 Days £2.50
8kg £36.99 20 Days £1.85
12kg £46.99 30 Days £1.57
16kg £57.99 40 Days £1.45
20kg £68.99 50 Days £1.38

 Our Premium Meals

How Do We Compare?

 Company   Meat Content Price per KG inc delivery
 Bella & Duke 85% £3.45 1
 Nutriment   85% £3.85 2
 Natural Instinct 80% £4.29 3
 Benyfit Natural   80% £5.11 4
 Natures Menu 80% £4.05 5
 Cotswold Raw   80% £4.42 6



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See What Vets Say About Raw Diets For Dogs

We have done extensive research into raw feeding speaking with vets and nutritionists. The video below gives some insights into what a growing number of vets are now realising.

8.7 million species on Planet Earth, how many of them eat cooked processed food?  Which species are now showing a massive increase in Chronic Diseases?

Our passion is to produce great raw Border Collie food
as nature intended.

*Human grade ingredients
*Bespoke to your dog’s needs
*As nature intended

Why We Do What We Do

4KG Trial Box

RRP £29.99
VOLUME 8 trays 8,848 cm3
Fills ¾ of average freezer draw

4KG Box Subscription

RRP £29.99
Subscription price £24.99
Saving £5
VOLUME 8 trays 8,848 cm3
Fills ¾ of average freezer draw

8KG Box Subscription

RRP £49.98
Subscription price £36.99
Saving £22.99
VOLUME 16 trays 17,696 cm3
Fills 1 ½ of average freezer draw

12KG Box Subscription

RRP £74.97
Subscription price £46.99
Saving £42.98
VOLUME 24 trays 26,544 cm3
Fills 2 ¼ of average freezer draw

16KG Box Subscription

RRP £99.96
Subscription price £57.99
Saving £61.97
VOLUME 32 trays 35,392 cm3
Fills 3 of average freezer draw

20KG Box Subscription

RRP £124.95
Subscription price £68.99
Saving £80.96
VOLUME 40 trays 44,240 cm3
Fills 3 ¾ of average freezer draw

The best diet for your Collie’s health

The natural diet for a Collie

For dogs in the wild, consuming food is only one part of the process of chasing, catching, killing and eating. Collies are natural hunters and the extra chewing and time spent consuming the meat and bone of a raw food diet gives them a huge amount of pleasure.

Less tooth plaque, nicer poo – happier Collie!

There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence from owners that raw food diets result in far less tooth plaque or tartar – reducing the incidence of ‘dog breath’ and creating smaller, less smelly stools. Raw food is also much efficient at emptying dogs’ anal glands. The result? A happy, healthy dog!

Common Health Issues For Collies



The defective development called Hip dysplasia is a part of the hip and femur (hip joint) and a degenerative process of the same. Dysplasia is a multifactorial disease. Shown to have genetic component, with a very high rate of heritability, and also a number of environmental factors, such us **nutrition or behavior. It seems to be demonstrated that an over-activity when pups, been accommodated on slippery floors or a diet promoting a too quick growth may be also involved in causing this health problem.

So making sure the food you feed your Border Collie is balanced (minerals and vitamins)as it’s a priority they reach a balanced growth of the bones and soft tissues (muscles).

Monitoring and controlling our young collie pup will always be ready to run, jump, climb up and down … but too much of these activities, that our young puppy enjoys so much, can maybe harmful to his health, if not properly controlled.

It is our belief that many chronic diseases that Border Collies contract can be reduced or eliminated through a balanced and natural diet.  We take the holistic view that prevention is better that dishing out medicine to manage the symptoms and less expensive!


  1. Bella & Duke based on 20kg box delivery included
  2. Nutriment  10KG MIXER BOX £32 plus 6.5 delivery
  3. Natural Instinct Country Banquet (Dog) Chicken £3.75 + 0.54 delivery fee based on 12kg order
  4. Benyfit Natural Starter pack 5kg £20 plus Meat Feast  £3.95 + Delivery £6.75 6kg
  5. Natures Menu Raw Superfood Range Pheasant & Duck x 3, Lamb x 3 Venison x 3,  Rabbit x 2 10kg
  6. Cotswold Raw Chicken x 3 Beef x 3 Turkey x 3 Lamb x 1 £39.20 = Delivery £4.13 10kg