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Rowan Interviewed On Biohackers Lab Podcast

Spreading the word about raw feeding, our very own Rowan Sanderson was recently interviewed on Ep 67 of the Biohackers Lab Podcast and during the interview discusses the similarities between dogs and humans, the benefits of feeding your dog(s) a raw diet, as well as much more!

For those of you who maybe don’t know, Rowan is a qualified Practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and an extremely valued member of the Bella and Duke team.

Biohackers Lab is a lifestyle project, which is run by a married couple, on a mission to optimise their minds and bodies, using the latest scientific research, knowledge & technology.

With Rowan often drawing insightful and informed parallels between humans and our four-legged friends, having Rowan featured on the Biohackers Lab podcast is the perfect crossover, with a meeting of the minds between Gary and Rowan, leading to a very interesting discussion indeed!

“Dogs are carnivores. Yet, often we feed them highly processed, very starchy food that, similarly as in humans, contributes to a myriad of illnesses. Diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis, cancer, mood disorders, autoimmune disease and skin problems – these are the diseases we commonly associate to poor diet in humans, and since the introduction of processed dog food, in dogs also.” – Gary @Biohackers Lab

Here at Bella and Duke, we know our blog is visited by all breeds of raw feeders and as Gary from Biohackers Lab wonderfully put, “If you know someone who is interested in finding out more about raw dog food and how it can help improve the health and longevity of their dog, even resolving issues such as diabetes and mood disorders, this interview is for them.” We couldn’t agree more!

A huge thank you to Gary & Sam from Biohackers Lab for inviting Rowan on to the show and we hope everyone enjoys the watch!

To find more episodes of the Biohackers Lab and for more information on biohacking and improving your health, mind and gut, please go here!

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