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Podcast 04 – Why do dogs drink muddy water

Mark: Oh yeah! Here’s podcast number four with their Rowan over there and Mark over here. And this week’s been a busy week being tons going on as usual. We’ve just launched a competition as of today. And that competition is to win 1000 pounds to use for a doggie holiday in the bonny Scotland through great rental properties. So, to win that it’s very simple. All you have to do is refer a friend. The more friends at you refer over the next few weeks, the more chances you’ve got of winning. To get your referral code just go into your customer portal on the website. Look at emails and it would be even out of it to delivering it. So, it should be pretty easy to do that. So, that’s to win 1,000 pounds voucher on a holiday in Scotland for 2018 or 2019.

The next thing which is really exciting is the Coolwool. You can now take the coolwool back. On our website, there’s a link to how to send it back. You just print off a free post, label, print it off and post it back through their post office. Now the only thing I do ask is make sure it’s fill up. We don’t want you just send him about one installation. If you said I think actually most of the boxes actually hold five. So, if you can fill that up and send that back to us that would be brilliant.

Rowan: Sorry to interrupt your flow. But I really like that. Thank you for pushing that forward.

Mark: The other thing which we’ve had a little bit of challenges is the plastic trays. Now, although they are white and they are recyclable. It seems that there’s some councils across this British country of ours cannot do it and I do not know why. It’s beyond my understanding, my comprehension. But for some reason, they seem to struggle with it. So, we are looking at alternatives and believe or not Rowan, it’s quite a challenge to find things that you put in the freezer. Freeze down and becomes drip proof when you’re sending stuff out. So, we are looking into it. We have got some packages we are going to be testing. But that’s going to take a little bit of time. Once we test it then we have to find the machinery. So, it’s not as straightforward as just walking it over. I wish it was. But we will be changing it over the course of the next couple of months. Anyway, we’ll keep getting a note on that.

So, Rowan, how’s your life?

Rowan: It’s awesome. Thank you. And Mark I do believe you. I trust you implicitly. Did I detect an underlying slightly grumpiness with certain counsels.

Mark: I don’t know. Possibly. Possibly. How difficult is it like? Well, anyway.

So, okay. On this week, we’re going to cover a little bit about dirty puddles.

Rowan: Yes. Yes. Indeed. I won’t go into too much detail. Simply because there will be a blog post and a little video about it. But let’s cover the basic points. Somebody had raised a really really relevant point and it’s relevant because lots of people are asking about this. This is what I love about this forum is that somebody just vocalizes a point that everybody else is wondering about. And suddenly, everybody jumps in and there’s lots of ideas and we end up all learning very very quickly. So, I spoke to most of the people on our team. Had an interaction with the behaviorist, with our holistic vets, actually spoke with some people that we might be partnering with in some exciting news, but we can talk about that afterwards in a different country re-snacks and oils, and got their view on it as well. It appears that it’s not quite as simple as is the dog missing something from its diet and is it trying to actually find these nutrients by drinking out dirty water. It’s not that necessary. We assume that or have assumed that in the past and actually that’s a bit fallacious. It might be that but that’s only one of the many things it could be. So, one thing that really resonated with me is our lovely vet Wendy anecdotally said, I’ve seen this actually increase since they started adding fluoride and of the chemicals in the water.

Mark: All right. Yes. I was going to ask you about the fluoride in the water. Because quite often my dog will not drink their tap water but will happily go outside.

Rowan: Well, this is exactly what she was talking about. She said dogs will drink rainwater and they will drink a puddle or something like that outside. She said, really, in my view because we don’t have any proof on it, but one of the things it could be is that their noses are so sensitive to chemicals that the tap water that you’re putting in its bowl it might really be a bit repellent to it. Now, I’ve noticed this with my dog. Is that if I fill her bowl. She will often not drink from it but then she’ll go outside and anything that’s been fed up with rainwater she will guzzle it down. One of the other things. We’ve got potentially they’re trying to fill missing nutrients and let’s bookmark that and come back to it. There’s another thing which is chemicals and we’ve covered that. The other one, and I kind of wonder if this is part of it, is given they’re so attracted to smells, if they’re actually trying to feed their own microbiome, you know, their gut bacteria as well. We think this quite often if you dogs running around in a field, they’ll instantly run over any and cowpats or any horse manure or something like that. One thing I was speaking to with Wendy. She said she’s noticed that her dog will instinctively choose the calf cow parts rather than the actual cow crap and we think it’s probably because it’s richer in colostrum and immunoglobulins (that’s easy for me to say) nothing to do with goblins whatsoever. There’s nothing to do with any David Bowie movies. So, it looks like they are strengthening their immune system whilst avoiding chemicals and just hydrator.

Mark: Right. Okay. Interesting. So, that would go for possibly eating a grass I guess and all these things as well. I mean my dog often goes off just has a bit of chewing a bit of grass. Could it be a similar reason or do you think it’s something different.

Rowan: The grass thing I think could be nutrients, something digestive process.

Mark: Something to do with its digestive process.

Rowan: And once again, as ever we’re right on the cusp of emerging science here. It’s the first time that anybody’s really drilled down into animal behavior. When I say the first time, I mean yeah people like you and I started to apply new research to what’s going on. Now we’re all doing that collectively. This raises a really good point. If somebody was saying well does this mean it’s not a complete meal? No! Absolutely not. This is an entirely complete meal. But we’ve mentioned this a few times, it really depends where your dog is on its own health journey as to exactly what it needs. So, it might need more than a complete meal.

Mark: I know in America, for example, if you give antibiotics, it kills all the gut flora and they have this thing called a poop pill which is basically my understanding. You can correct me if I’m wrong as you basically get somebody else’s poo, it’s in the pill form, and you swallow it and it’s gut flora, you know, straight into where it needs to be. But obviously I mean I guess lick each other’s bones and all the rest of it. So, there’s no reason to think…

Rowan: Well, it goes one step further than that. The pill is easier derivative form of what was originally started, I don’t know, six seven eight years ago with people. One of the guys doing this is pioneer in the UK and has had incredible success with fecal transplants.

Mark: So, you can get that in the UK now?

Rowan: Oh. No no. It was pioneered in the UK.

Mark: All right. I thought was an American thing I thought was one of those you know American.

Rowan: Well, it is. And there are a couple of people are doing it in the US. One of the pioneers of it however is based somewhere I think in around Cambridge. He’s had incredible success. He’s been doing treatments of like ten over the course of six months and people have been recovering from all kinds of things like MS, some serious diseases which he believes in attributes to gut flora. So, by putting in the flora of somebody who’s extremely healthy, mostly a lot of these problems are actually going away which is just I mean it’s mind-boggling.

Mark: Yeah absolutely. So, the next thing I think it’s been quite… It’s come up a few times in our Facebook group is cat food versus dog food. Can your cut eat the dog food? And I think the short answer is, definitely no?

Rowan: I’m not an expert on cat food or are actually on many things. But no! The cats technically shouldn’t be eating it. Why? Because cats are pure carnivores. So, our meals being a complete meal do contain of the things like a little bit of vegetables etc. The cats cannot digest that.

Mark: So, specially with the veg, so, it’s best not to do it and to discourage your cats from doing it. We are going to be bringing out a cat range very soon in the next month or two. So, we are doing our research and we will be doing tests and we will be asking our groups who have cats to do some testing with this. So, keep an eye out for that if you’re interested in the cat food range.

Rowan: Very exciting.

Mark: Yeah. Very very. Along with the truth stuff, we cannot be pushing the truth, because we’ve been waiting to find somebody we could really work with it. Has it same ethos as us? I think Rowan on your research last week, you found some do you feel.

Rowan: Thank you for asking this. Because I am so excited about this. I was getting really frustrated with the quality of some of the treats available on the market. And I think it’s almost, we’ve set ourselves a high standard in that we’ve refused to compromise for any kind of commercial reason and want to bring the best nutrition available at affordable prices to dogs. And unfortunately, all of the treat market that we’ve looked at has been very much, quick and easy, very commercial, some really really horrible, mass-produced snacks. You know, really is the the pork crackling of the snack world. Fortunately, we found a potential supplier. We’re about to trial those next week. We’re just waiting for them they’re in the post. Having spoken with her what’s really exciting is she has exactly the same ethos as us. Had no additives, no preservatives, they’re all air dried snacks. They’re all from grass-fed animals. Really high welfare index. All human food grade. Watch this space. It’s going to happen.

Mark: Excellent. Well, I know that another thing that’s come up a few times this week and I’ve noticed it when the old customer service end of things is and, this may be another podcast in itself is, I’m getting a lot a few people who are mixing raw with kibble and again I’m not sure this is a good idea only because I think kibble takes a different type of body chemistry to convert it. And I did hear and again you’re viewing this Rowan that kibble can turn the acid very alkaline in the stomach where really we don’t want that to happen because if you want to melt the bones of raw etc. In the stomach, you’ve got to make sure that the pH level in the stomach acid is correct. So, I think mixing it is probably never a good idea. What’s your thoughts on it?

Rowan: I think it’s a really bad idea for a couple of reasons. Now, if you crossing over and you’re encouraging your dog to eat raw. Well, firstly what I would say is feed the dog raw at slightly different times. Try feeding it raw and I mean Carolina blues got a really good article on this and maybe we should defer to her on it. My view would be just give the dog raw till he gets used to it a little bit as a treats on the side and then swap out the kibble. Actually mixing the two foods together is a very bad idea. Two reasons. One is as you said it messes with the stomach pH. Two is when you’re mixing a very high sugar inflammatory carbohydrate food with, if you will inverted commas, crude healthy fats and crude I mean raw, what it can do, the sugars in that actually turn the fats rancid.

Mark: Oh really?

Rowan: Yeah. Because the sugar is effectively a fuel source. And we see this in humans. A lot of people talk about, oh well! He’s got bad cholesterol. He needs to eat less fat. Well, quite often it’s not that the fats are bad. It’s that he or she or they are eating those next to the wrong fuel source, such as the having eggs but they’re having it next to Orange juice and that what it does is effectively that corrupts the cholesterol molecules.

Mark: So, that is a whole different podcast.

Rowan: Yeah. It is. But bottom line is, if you think about anytime you put sugar next to something or food it’s almost like barbecuing it. And I’m keeping it in very simple terms to avoid making this into a super long podcast. The point is mixing kibble with anything is bad and mixing it with raw food is to be avoided.

Mark: Yeah. Brilliant. So, just to finish up. On the updates, we also wanted to talk a little bit about the oils that were going to be introducing in our testing.

Rowan: Oh yeah. This is the next point. Along with the snaps, one of the other things that were really excited about is we’re looking at partnering with somebody who’s a homeopathic and holistic oil blender. I can’t say more and reveal who it is. But basically this person specializes in creating spoke sprays, oils, poultices, dry herbs, the whole range to help prevent worms to help deter, ticks, fleas, all the rest of it. So, why we really motivated about this. Well, it means that your dog requires less chemicals from the vet and as we know and as we’ve talked about in other articles, chemicals affect the gutting the dog creates leaky dirt which then creates itchy skin and achy joints and other kinds of autoimmune disorders. So, it’s no good just managing the diet if we’re then getting a massive slab of chemicals once a month from the vet.

Mark: That’s great. Yes. I’ve got all this coming in the next two months. We’re going to be busy.

Rowan: Sure. Yeah. The oil thing has not being pushed forward because you actually poopoo the idea that it would be done within four weeks.

Mark: Yes. Well, on that on that bombshell. Let’s convene our next week. Again, if you’ve got any questions at all. Please ask in our Facebook group. You can now download because Rowan has figured out on iTunes as well and all the platforms off that as well and please give us a star rating the more reviews that we get the higher and the more people can hear about and learn about raw feedings. So, that would really really help.

Rowan: Please give us a decent star rating. I know we might not deserve a decent start. But we need it.

Mark: Please! Please!

Rowan: Don’t shoot the messenger. We’re just the wrapper for a lot of goodness.

Mark: Cool. So, thanks again for listening. We’ll see you next week. Look forward to it. Have a great week.

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