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Pawcast (Podcast) Number 2 – 5 Reasons You Will Want To Buy Bella & Duke

So here are five reasons that you can feel good about feeding your pet Bella and Duke raw meals

  1. All of the ingredients in the meals are human grade now technically that means you could eat them yourselves although I’m not sure I’d recommend it maybe that’s something I’ll do on another video for a bit of a dare
  2. All of the ingredients which have been included in the Bella and Duke meal which is utterly devoid of fillers are designed to create a nutrient dense high antioxidant and highly anti-inflammatory meal which means optimizing health for your doggie nice reason
  3. A low inflammation high antioxidant diet means that your doggie is much less likely to pick up food allergies or any autoimmune diseases such as arthritis bonus reason
  4. Is that a low inflammation diet means that your dog is likely to be active for much longer now this is something that we’re really interested in because our mission is to save as many dogs lives as possible but we’re not just interested in saving lives we want to increase the health span not just the lifespan so what we want to see is happy healthy active dogs.
  5. The final reason is that happy healthy active dogs mean that you as the doggies owners are more likely to be happy healthy and active everybody wins what a fabulous Friday
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