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Meet the New Treats! – Podcast 29

On this episode, Rowan and Mark discuss our new and very exciting range of products and treats and discuss how they can be beneficial to your dog’s health!

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0:54 What will we be discussing today?

2:42 The Bonnie Broth!

7:09 What is our Bonnie Broth good for?

11:12 Reiterating Leaky Gut

14:02 The Ever Popular Cod Skin

15:20 Keep Grain Out!

17:34 Natural Remedies and Supplements

18:05 Pesky Ticks! (Ticked Off Remedy)

20:38 Rotate All These Products

23:08 Adding the Calm and Barmy!

26:22 Ditch the Itch

27:35 Worms

30:40 Where to Find Our New Products?

32:13 Bye Bye!

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