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Dog poo What’s it telling you about your dog’s health – Podcast 34

This is the latest edition is that the pennies This is and Teddy

1212 weeks he smells goodness and he’s from they weren’t meeting with you it’s been on Raw elements you can refer to the last few weeks is we’ve got an eight weeks old and I speak

to that area

and Alfie after who’s three years old?

Oh Alfie Look at your face like a word

so we thought this was really interesting because I was in here before just getting prepped for the podcast and a hurdle a teddy boy yeah yes thank you Teddy boy here squealing I thought what you want and I realized what Tony’s done

god he’s ready as you can see here already from and awesome okay I’m going to

face this is like


I’m going to put them down I’m going to see obviously there’s another podcast and okay but wait you see pennies desperate to get his views so I’m going to give it and you can watch him just

how that works

that looks like a speed speed it up

and LPs as patient and go and then somebody didn’t sense it tell us did it anyway we’ll get him to shut off and look that up so that’s a 12 we go no big area puppy eating below in June

but because it

was interesting to see you just had he wrote he said a puppies as they’re getting older I don’t know if that June is no it’s still publicity and

they will be 10 weeks this way oh really so

some way but even before that yeah yeah absolutely so I thought was interesting because we were chatting downstairs over us a lot and I’ll let you talk about what happened last year it was quite interesting the event and callers on yesterday because it went for us jobs on Monday so phone call from the best to see the tables have already been talking points so again socialize and meet other puppies which is fantastic and the back of Anton’s a few things but how to bring up the popular cetera so trading went along and we want to get additional from escalating is

a feature

alone to puppy party he had a tactic time that last the opposite things and he was having a real real fight with all of the dog down there and played around and the Bible is really nice you kept giving a little treats a little dry cable completes and I didn’t see anything to the time and anyway

we ended up this morning I got up this morning winters cage and as always some to look good in the earnest cage in this little nappy pad. And I usually pick it up particular toilet

upside down in the toilet in the Packers in the been

quite simple. But this morning was different. And I explain this to me, because this morning was

turned upside down. And what happened was it stopped it then move so I had to push it get rid of it. I had to get some thought they were taken off the pad before I could put the pen and then eventually Mason City, which I’ve never seen before. Who’s this who’s a dry easily pick up some. So over to you on what’s going on.

This is quite interesting, actually. And I’ve seen a similar thing when I introduced not cable, but something else will pop up front of the time or for a little bit later. So

wow, you know, my brains fizzing on this because there’s about three really good points. But let’s just start with the basics. Okay, so if we assume that about 80% of our immune system, and our dogs immune system is in the gut, it’s not an exact percentage, let’s not fall into the semantic weeds about it. It’s about that it’s about four fifths of the immune system. Now, do you know like when you get a cold, you know, starts to run. Yeah, that’s basically a mucosal barrier similar to your guts, because we think about in your gut is the outside in you. If you think about looking through Teddy’s mouth and out his balsam, basically, it’s the outside world going through Teddy one big chunk of sense and so to protect himself he’s got this mucosal layer three call these gastrointestinal tract and what happens is it his body perceives a virus or something which is creating inflammation well it goes is releases something called mucus, mucus and message that feed it raw know inflammation non sticky super too easy to get rid of food. Yeah, it’s something cable which is toxic to the dog and this isn’t a humble opinion. In my opinion this is absolute fact toxic, the teddies body is gone. Whoa, Holy guacamole I’m not meant to be eating this this is like a virus or a bacteria or parasite release is a lewd load of mucus to try and track these food particles treats I mean I think it’d be better off giving a cigarette something

you know the tiny one that you can hold maybe the holdup

not believe that it was wrong

I think this is what’s making the poop really sticky rather than the actual

food itself being digested. I think it’s Teddy’s immune response to the food that the vet has given him the irony

I really yeah so what yeah so what’s interesting as well is you were saying that when you spoke to the bet that they said oh it’s quite common for puppies to have David yeah yeah that’s under Islamic Teddy to attendees never had diarrhea specific items so you You said your puppies growing on role I’m sure there are

Let’s be super honest about this obviously as yet we’re we’ve yet to find a career who can deliver better and juke without it having turned in chemical weapons across half the family

because your basis at this point the Spain that’s

actually the suddenly most the landmass Northern Ireland part of Europe though by the time it gets here quite often you know I’ve actually got a moving what’s animo Bay

specify a terrorist but what I have done is I’ve done a mixture of role which I’ve made myself sardines, egg yolks, goats, medic, and I think this is another really good thing of feeding. You don’t role of feeding your dogs, not necessarily robot stuff they can digest is once you give them something which they can’t digest. You see a massive difference. It’s like ICU patients all the time. I’ve got IBS and then they say, Oh, yeah, no, it’s just normal. It’s not normal. Going to the toilet 14 times a day is never normal. It’s a massive symptom and we need to get rid of it.

And it isn’t a dog is called IV days is good. You know, it says that the same thing

Yeah, so I think

I think they both exist actually, I think this might decide to slightly two different things

but basically as long as the syndrome is a disease Okay, I think

they meant they call it a bit a bit late understood to be connected put

together we’re stronger guys collaboration makes us better than the competition so one is I think it’s quite actually as you say this one of the puppies is trying to climb our puppy HQ I mean meaning to go and rescue them nothing a tramp

and that’s what you do when you give them roar brains but is wanting as you never triggering their immune system like that and you’re leaving their immune system free to focus on fighting of parasites bacteria, what it should be doing two ways when you give it food that it’s not meant to have or which is irritating and you can see it straight away. And Teddy is the perfect example of this.

And like you say it was an event going public and you go Wow, it’s like it’s just like one of the big confectionery company is going to say let’s have a kids party and Let’s feed them all the really highly processed meats and you take it straight off the bat it was it was incredible it was only three little bits yeah and I noticed a massive difference the next meeting is no need to keep the puppies will stop no but it was nice nice thing actually

comes from a good place unfortunately creates a lot a lot a big mess yeah everyone in the morning he goes Thank you.

I mean we’ve talked about this a few times about the toxins in cable and actually I think I’m getting a little bit of a bad rap down at my events because they’re really lovely and very indulgent but the one thing the other day and said look we’ve got this cereal free puppy food let’s get it for your dog and I was like no it’s pea protein dogs aren’t meant to eat starch and they were like what else is going to come up with you know I’m almost if it wasn’t the fact that it was my dog and I’m so passionate about health almost be tempted to let it slide but then you think hang on you will mess around with your own hell for you kids hell why would you do if you don’t cells

but I think next week we’re going to cover the whole this whole process don’t even gradients you want to check so we’ll get on to that next week so please go back to the

object me people are coming up next week

so but the job means so the thing about I know it’s about when he when he woke up there’s certain things you notice when you’re walking around and it’s a bit sad you may do it as well you may do it that you look around you go well it’s a process yeah and you go How’d you know well I saw it was smelted coming about your chapter number one the color of it the consistency of it when you pick it up and that you can see people switching their bag around and you go wow Did you not need to

wash your pet horse it’s just like huge I mean if you look at not sure if the animals in the in the natural environment do yeah what’s the poop look like 20 times anyway cheap type so when people see that dogs people for the first time or raw is quite an experience for the dog yeah but also for the the pet guide him because they’re not used to seem search more stores and so easy to pick up yeah i mean that’s the beauty of as nobody got buddies yeah we got published yeah that’s makes life so much easier when you’ve got a puppy and this look solid who’s about the place rather than me to

get your carpets clean you know totally I totally hear an empathize with this I mean the other day I point foolishly gave him some goats cafe wow I regretted that it’s like well so that’s what they can produce


we decoration oros yes we’ve got free afternoon will be around in a minute

I mean it’s just like can you imagine what it was like? Well it must be like for all those people who have got like puppies and a totally unaware of this and it just kibble o’clock all the time but if you tuned in kitchen role

absolutely and sprays name yes you gotta stick out so the other thing I don’t know if you again you guys will notice it but my god the case we do. I don’t do my poop patrol every night I can shoot so occasion go there a few days later when Oh, I forgot to tighten things up and have almost disintegrated Yeah, if you stand on the back end by accident. It disappears. It goes yeah. It’s not like you’re washing your your shoe lace for like, you know,

tiny. Sorry, Mark. I’m interrupting. But this is like a golden moment. Just to say this. When you think about it. natural ingredients disintegrate if you look at like a cable or something like that. That That doesn’t look like it’s going to disintegrate for weeks. I bet you if you left that outside in rain in snow and whichever A month later it’s still be there. And let’s just take a zoom out on this and urine somebody digestion to deal with this. It’s an interesting thing for how many people have seen dogs eat other dogs.

And that’s because the other dog’s poop is undigested to could seem natural law It’s nice to

meet you know you’re you’ve got way better dogs mentorship skills that may I’m a sub left tenant to your kernel

and I’m trying


new you get private, your private jumpy

certainly is that

you’re the rear admiral

Joby when you sit and talk about us you

know it’s just your job your obsession your job session so I’m not only often thought it was they were kind of smelling the other dogs bacteria as in its micro bio, because I’ve seen I assumed that and i didn’t i think is undigested food and mine will go and do that with like horse and cow looks at Yeah,

yes, but that’s just because it’s digested grass but it’s not clear when they eat another dog seasons what they’re eating is undigested food because it’s not all being digested by the system it’ll be the bio recognizing that and what’s interesting what’s really interesting is neither Gus has been on he’s been on gotten out you don’t run over the two years and the walk past the what pastor another dogs PCs and they just got back off a bit what’s that I don’t recognize it it’s quite it’s quite interesting to watch them that you didn’t react to it compare to hide it would have reacted reps a couple years ago is like when you were smoking then you know what it is? Yeah,


All right. You guys great analogy to yourself.

Yeah, yeah. So like did that 20 years ago when it was cool

we just have our audience of to

sorry Fred

watching TV now you’re still watching the network

we know we’re doing good stuff that’s all that matters if people want to join us

there in the biggest indicator gorilla is a couple things were picked up from time I was surprised that you know a puppy parties what’s been handed obese and I just have to take DNA because I’m just on a mission to get dogs off. I know that process data

and that’s saying they didn’t know better is not an X you know, most of the way more intelligent male figure that out

and also that on the when it comes out, it should be solid should be stinking, it shouldn’t be sticking it should be a solid piece of work. And just on that point if you do find when you’re moving your dog on to raw and the Australian a little bit

little tips of the pack is adding some coconut oil

apple cider vinegar and a little bit of water if you want with additional as well that just helps know that as the bug and Schuster overtime bodies, bodies gets you deal with it. But maybe the star me what I can help with that is anything

yet coming up. Just qualify on that a little bit. Because this is really interesting point you’ve touched on the mouth. And a lot of people say when is it okay to start my puppy on Raw, it’s like when it’ll ruins their own digestive enzyme production. Because it changes the pH actually raises the pH of the stomach said becomes less acidic. Now that’s two things that happened with that one is it means that it’s not doing the first job of digesting their food properly so they can’t simulate the ingredients. The other thing is it means they’re not able to kill all the bacteria they ingest. So if you get adult that’s keeps getting diarrhea and stuff like that even if it’s on the same food it’s a gut microbiome is is down it’s not doing its job and it might be that is immune systems busy dealing with the kibble they might be that immune systems being damaged with the cable and it might be that the cable has stopped being able to kill these pathogens in his mouth. And normally it’s a combination of all three so the sooner you get a dog on to rule the better and when people turn around said it’s just had surgery is not be able to deal with the bat areas like that’s the food the dogs evolve to a la last stretch you put on the dog The more you give a easily accessible amino acids the quicker is going to repair itself

so just told her that point just made that clear so what we’re saying is don’t quit to deal with that period they’re not equipped to deal with inflammation inflammation or you foods on gluten and all these other things going on in processed food which would I’d rather give my dog the dog that was designed to eat all the food that maybe just have the so called bacteria in it which a lot of them do if you read the reports online

and as inflammation and it causes inflammation does not just just you know just on this point but we were looking to pick them up from LA for a long drive back nine half hours in the corner no food with him because he flew down to pick them up and we’re in the car back so I was getting them a bit of kit and I put it down for them to eat these leaks holders they should get over cable even look at it

take a button and that was it. Holly Holly any of it go home raw foods are popular. You go wrong copy for protecting Street and there’s never looked back. What else begin to think about is I would worry if I had a puppy. He wasn’t being wasn’t eating all this because I know he’s getting everything he needs in a Star Wars. I know this guy can’t get enough of what I’m giving him. He’s looking for more. Yeah, and that’s really

nice key. He’s getting everything in that bowl and he’s eating me he’s finishing here. There’s no need coaxing them at all.

Oh, music to my ears. Because the beauty of that is think of this puppies live. Think of the difference in life, health and health span that Teddy’s going to have by never having all of these inflammatory diseases we would have if he was fed something which was prayer in Malaysia. And this gets onto a really interesting topic. And you guys tell me how far we want to go down this road between genetics environment and epigenetics because this is a breed specific thing we can talk about at some point. Or we can cover a little bit of it now, but, you know, from a genetic food, you know, like everybody’s been doing genetic testing humans and then they say about dogs having breed specific

ailments or predisposition to a certain illness, right,

these things which are likely to happen, or more likely to happen with a certain type of dog can be flipped on and off, depending on the amount of stress their bodies are subjected to. An a major form of stress is food that’s an internal stressor and other one is environmentalism. You know, like all the chemicals they might get from there Yeah, exactly. Which is why mental emotional obviously dogs who get stressed but the main two or internal environment in the difference it’s got a lifespan it’s a no brainer for me

so today just to finish this up because I think often when I speak to people I often hear Oh my dog does find on Cuba my daughter’s find on this and you go so if you just look at the poo poo tells a different story you may not be able to see it straight off the bat and it may be with a young dog you may be not see straight away so you don’t like I said before you know if I take my 20 year old cousin or nephew and they don’t stuff they still pretty fair they look good because they’re in growth mode there buddy that’s good they can absorb it me and hear you on the other hand I’m restarting

sense that drink lots of beer or anything like that it just hits it and we can’t we can’t get rid of it as like a

fish right

but you know it’s the same with dogs it you know just because they look good on the outside to begin with doesn’t mean that they slowly damaging on the on the inside and I think you

turn this round mark you know not see something doesn’t mean it’s not happening and can you afford to gamble with you or your pet’s health

The amazing thing is right Gus my my lab The only went through you went through very very malignant cancer went through chemotherapy central three years ago Gus looks better today than he did pre cancer


stories that

and that’s that’s a great thing that we got him on videos and stuff like that so if you want to see what go slips like now you just somebody this I’ve never seen a lab look. So lavish.

Well done. Well

how many people have been on the and I’m sorry we’re going on now. But this gets so excited. I just get carried away with us and it’s so nice to see both of you

is that so many people are coming in and literally the dogs the Labrador is going on to roar and everybody so used to seeing a fat lab or a lab which is really bloated and i think i think that lamps are a lot more sensitive genetically to kibble than other dogs which is why they tend to blow more so as soon as you see a lean working Labrador Let’s never lose sight as a working dog the meant to be great at swimming all the rest of it it is it too skinny and it’s like no that’s what a lean dog looks like it’s not a nice muscular and I bet you gots looks totally different now there’s no yeah I mean in terms of body weight as well

oh yeah oh God causes burger great yeah yeah the and everything looks good I mean this looks good. Yeah, he is. swimming trunks looks interesting

you should see his Instagram account

again you’re saying that I reckon the

Labrador in disguise because he just loves is good so much at

the late great

thanks guys. Um. What a pleasure so we’re going to cover thank you we’re going to cover next week top 10 toxins people and things to look out for and the reason we’re covering this isn’t a mark we’ve talked about this a bit you aren’t you and only as well Tony’s we’ve got a little bit about being a bonnet because people keep falling for this vetted through a scientifically formulated thing and just because it’s cereal free doesn’t mean that it’s not toxic free so things to be aware of

and also just stuff that they keep putting out and newspaper which is completely like whatever if that’s the best they can do

we have an objective over the next six months and us to try and get some research on some schools that were prepared to pay for it but you know what’s funny a lot of these best schools will call us back but we want them to take on the research and we’ll see what see how that goes and he updated or not what’s interesting

yeah I mean going to a whole ad in the stream here but that’s really that’s and that’s another time but well on a mission we

write guys thank you so much

yeah and as always if you can give us a review on now on Facebook on when iTunes coming up subscribe to the YouTube channel as well and you’ll get the full episodes there as well it was brilliant and just come say hi somewhere in our Facebook group as well very active

and always feel free to share this with somebody you trying to combat or educate of war even if you’ve managed just to save one of your friends Deluxe. You’ve done a good job today.


right over an hour guys I’m seeing last week take care man cc wrong. Thank you.

Right. Cool, man.

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