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Year of the Dog : New Years Resolutions for Fabulous Four Legged Friends

WARNING  : Any or all of these suggestions may radically improve your life.

One of the many highlights of my Christmas day was the arrival of a distant relative with their dog Mia. Mia is a playful cockapoo and instantly changed the dynamic in the room, she brought a point of focus, some communal appreciation and the ahhhh factor that everyone needs, especially on those “big family events” when there can be that sneaking subliminal pressure for everything in that moment to be perfect, rather than for everyone to be perfectly in the moment.

Dogs bring us happiness, and in the same way that the apprentice can teach the master (take the latest Star Wars with Luke and Rey as a case in point), so we can also learn from our dogs. And maybe we can all take away a few pointers from their imagined New Year’s resolutions.

2018 is going to see the Chinese New Year bring “Year of the Dog”, the below will help you make it so

Which ones you decide to take away for yourselves is entirely at your discretion. (Answer : Aim for all of them for 30 days and ditch the ones that don’t serve you:-))


In 2018 I am going to go for 5 minutes extra walk every time I go out. Its only five minutes and I have run the maths. That’s 10 minutes per day. 70 minutes per week. 5 hours a month or over 60 hours a year of positive low impact activity. Easy wins. Not to mention more daylight.  And all those smells. Ahhhh


Help my owner to be more in the moment. Whenever he or she, or they start chatting away on a mobile phone whilst out on these new extended walks, exactly when they should be enjoying my fabulous company and the nature around us, I promise to bring them back to mindfulness and appreciation (of me). I promise to faithfully do something alarmist (chase cat, feign choking , smell something I shouldn’t), naughty (choke cat, chase another dog, same same) or terrifying (chase deer, chase truck) or all of the above. Only to snicker off at a jog when they arrive on the scene whilst making “innocent big eyes”. Use the force….of my lovableness.

Much like that “alarm noise” they employed when training me as a puppy, I too am going to train them. Mindfulness or bust. If only I could reward them with treats. It will certainly help them de stress from that job they are unsure about with the wonky boss. And a de stressed owner = more fuss me. Win.

Diet & Nutrition

I’ve been mulling this for a while and in 2018 I am saying goodbye to Kibble once and for all. All those grains make me itch, make me windy, and give me stomach cramps. None of which make me any more attractive to the handsome Frenchie that lives next door. I read that I haven’t evolved to eat them and goodness only knows what they do to you longer term, apart from the fact that every time I eat them I just want to lie morosely in front of the tv. Life is really too short to feel anything but awesome. Hoping to inspire the owners to follow suit then I have someone active and healthy to play with me. I draw the line at sharing MY food however. Especially the B&D. That is a categorical NO.

Excitement & Gratitude

Continue to get excited about the small stuff. This is one of my favourite things to do and it really makes you grateful for everything in your life. A walk, a bird chirping in a tree, the arrival of the postman, the passing of a car. These are as much life events as weddings and parties but much more common. Going to throw myself into all of them.  Stay waggy, stay young.  Not sure if the postman is as excited  or indeed as grateful as I am but may convert him yet. Memo to self, don’t take it personally.


I am going to be extra intrigued in 2018. Everything new is a learning experience and gives me the opportunity to grow. Not all of it great , granted. But I will bank the postiives and roll with the rest.


Stop marking my territory on the neighbours’ car wheels. Well maybe. Only if they promise to stop parking in front of our house. Those are all my smells out there, clearly marked, clearly mine, good boundaries make for great neighbours. And come on, what if we needed a Fire Engine or some such, where would it park?  I get fed to look after this family. This is up for consideration only. Especially after my owner’s behaviour on the way home on Christmas Eve. That’s going to be another one. Set a great example LOL.

Love Unconditionally

You know, my owner is far from perfect, as am I (I am probably a bit more perfect than they are though), but frankly I love them for who they are. Who wouldn’t’? So what if they are a bit late on occasion, or slightly grumpy, or the neighbours wheel on Christmas Eve, I forgive them. They are my family, my pack and we are in this together. Going to spend that emotion on all the fun stuff and ditch any baggage. Past is the Past. Adios.

We hope you love our resolutions as much as we do. Please feel free to share yours, inspire us and  make us all smile.

All of the team here at Bella and Duke are wishing you a splendid 2018 filled with everything you wish for yourselves, your dog and much much more.






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