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You Can Now Add Treats To Your Boxes

Finally, we have finished the development work and you can now add treats to your boxes.  You can login to your customer account and add them to your next food order.

The story behind the dehydrated treats

So I am originally from Oxford and met my now man in 1993 in London (Spinning wheel pub in Northfields, which is now a Tesco Metro ) We moved to Ireland in 1995 and just got on with life. I worked as a recruiter and then for Microsoft in HR. Our family arrived in 2000 and 2003 (single boy and Triplet girls ARRRRRRRRRGH) and I gave up work in 2004.

Always been an animal enthusiast, having had dogs, horses and cats whilst growing up and wanted my children to have animals so we welcomed Fizz into our lives in 07 and my lurcher girl in 09. I always knew nutrition was important, but like most people I thought buying the “good stuff AKA pedigree, bakers” was OK…turned out it contributed to Fizz’s many health issues and he died in 2014. I promptly rescued Mel…what breed I have no idea he looks more like a guinea pig. But the rescue was into natural feeding and what an eye opener it was, and this is when we started, a light bulb moment which said just like humans we are what we eat.

The experiment started in 2014, initially, I was purchasing small quantities of meat from my butcher and drying it on a small dehydrator in my conservatory…..I was not a popular mum, the smell of the various offal products was not lovely! I was asked to start supplying small pet shops and soon demand grew. I knew too that provenance of the meat would be key to building a business, it had to be traceable and it MUST be Irish in origin. At the start, my suppliers thought I was MAD because here I was purchasing 10KG here and there of various organ products, but they stuck with me and now I am taking up to 100KG of meat at a time. I am also working closely with the Department of Agriculture who have helped me with all the legislation that I need to comply with and have supported what I do in a positive way.

I also had a lucky break by meeting a dog nutrition Guru call Dr Conor Brady, he set up Dogs First, helping with peoples questions on natural feeding and with his support I was able to put together a comprehensive range of single protein jerky. I also make a treat for him which helps with teeth cleaning. Two years later in 2016, I invested in a portacabin, proper ovens and equipment, a Department of Agriculture registration and can now scale up to a factory.

What makes us different, I think its the fact that we will not compromise on quality. It has to be Irish and fully traceable. Our meat here is of an exceptional quality the beef is all grass fed (because we have an abundance of small farmers who maybe have 20 acres, they don’t have massive sheds to keep churning out cattle intensively). We are also committed to NEVER using additives of any kind. Our shelf life study means that we have a certified life of 6 months but this can easily increase to a year. The college who conducted the study were amazed that there was not a sniff of any nasty on any of the products. Dehydration is not without issues, it does mean that making other types of treats will be harder, such as soft treats, as by nature of the process you are removing moisture which you would require in some format for a soft product. However, our doggie customers don’t seem to mind a good crunchy treat!

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  1. Hi there, I just have a blank window when clicking on the treats tab on my portal

    Can you assist at all?


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