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Press Release March 2017

Bella & Duke Launches in March 2017

Perthshire, UK – Tuesday June 28th – Why should humans be the only ones to reap the benefits of a healthy diet?

When Mark Scott and Tony Ottley lost their dogs to cancer recently, they asked themselves this very same question. The entrepreneurs arrived at the conclusion – after conducting personal testing and avid research – they believe that many of the illnesses young pets suffer from are directly correlated with what people feed them.

In response, they decided to do something about it.

“Preventative measures are much better to stop the diseases before they happen,” says Scott.

An improved substitute for dry dog food

With the aim of creating a nutritious, raw substitute for the ubiquitous carbohydrate-filled dry mass-processed options on the market, the business partners came up with Bella & Duke Ltd. The meals, which are much higher in protein than their average counterparts, are produced with 85 percent high-quality meat and bones, 15 percent vegetables, oils and berries, no colours or additives.

Scientifically backed

Bella & Duke’s product is based on expert advice. It’s partly inspired by the research of esteemed agronomist and nutritionist Dr. Ian Billinghurst, a much-respected advocate of feeding uncooked food to canines and the inventor of the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food plan.

The company is also founded on common sense. A dog’s instinct is to hunt and kill for food, meaning that the most natural diet for man’s best friend is raw. Just like humans, general health improves in line with the produce a dog puts into its body. Stronger teeth, better breath and a glossier coat are just some of the visible benefits of raw food consumption. Hidden advantages include an enhanced digestive system and a leaner physique.

As well as creating raw meals for dogs, the company makes the logistics as simple as purchasing dry food from the shop. It ships directly to customers in portions dependant on the pet’s weight and has even included a handy calculator on its site to help consumers work out how much food their hound will need.

Economically as well as environmentally friendly

The company caters to every owner’s budget. The cost begins at 35p a day for a small dog to a little more than £2 per day for an average 20kg dog for healthy, tasty raw meals. After taking in delivery at their doorstep, all dog owners need to do is defrost and serve each meal before wiping down surfaces – just like with any meat preparation.

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