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‘Enriched Complete’ has landed!

Here at Bella and Duke, we are absolutely over the moon to announce that our long awaited and highly anticipated ‘Enriched Complete’ range is now available to order!

The ‘Enriched Complete Raw Dog Food’ range is perfect for all dogs, of all ages and is the perfect recipe to ensure your dog’s health is not only maintained but is actually improved!

enriched range ingredients

Through using the latest research available, our expert team have carefully created the most perfectly balanced meal for your beloved dogs, that includes; zero gluten, further reduced lectins, zero grains and as with all our products, is topped off with zero bs fillers.

Instead, the ‘Enriched Complete’ range Is made completely of carrot, broccoli, pak choi, coconut oil, salmon oil, turmeric, ginger, black pepper as well as bones and offal and is available with delicious, human grade, turkey, beef and duck 😊

At Bella and Duke, it’s no secret that our mission is to save as many dogs lives as we possibly can and to get them off an unnatural, disastrously unhealthy, kibble diet and instead onto a species-specific, natural, raw diet. Although that may sound like a line concocted with the purpose of driving sales, we can assure you, it’s anything but!

After company founders Mark and Tony both lost their much loved dogs to cancer (as a result of the disgustingly low quality food that was recommended to them) the two set out to form a pack, that together would go to any lengths necessary to ensure dogs nationwide would have the best food they possibly could have available to them at all times.


Our ‘Enriched Complete’ range is the latest step in turning the duos dream into a reality and is designed to ensure that dogs everywhere have a health span that matches their lifespan!

Currently subject to limited availability, if you want to give the ‘Enriched Complete’ range a try, we suggest you quick hop it over to here! 

Happy ‘Enriched’ day everyone!

– The Bella & Duke Team

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3 responses to “‘Enriched Complete’ has landed!

  1. Could you give me information regarding your raw food please and where I can obtain it. I am now transferring my young gsd onto a raw diet. I have been advised to start him on raw mince with ground bone to start with, no veg or fruit, there is a reason for this and eventually give him the complete mix.

    1. Hi Jenny, choose the 80:10:10 range which has no veg in it, you can . do that from the drop down on our form.

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