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Go Raw for Rawtober!

– Have you thought about what you might give up for Stoptober? How about your dogs? Join us for Rawctober and lets put a stop to feeding processed foods and start feeding raw!

October is right around the corner and in our pursuit to get as many dogs as possible onto a species-specific, raw diet, we are over the moon to be launching Rawtober! Over the entire month we will be giving an extra hard push (even more so than usual!) in our ongoing battle against dogs being fed unnatural, health deteriorating, dry and processed foods.

Why October I hear you ask? Well a lot of us have come to use October as a month off from our bad habits, such as excessive coffee drinking, nightly wine filled binges or smoking and through the widely known ‘Stoptober’, we make an effort to try and drop these hazardous habits and go on into the rest of the year having either kicked them completely or at least with a grip on them (maybe only three cups instead of the usual eight!).

While we can choose to stop putting things we know are bad for our health into our bodies, our four-legged friends cannot and instead rely on us completely to ensure that they are getting the nutrition they need in order to live long and healthy lives. In the same way, we know that eating processed, fast food, every day is going to compromise our health, dogs sadly do not and even worse, they haven’t evolved with the ability to google healthy alternatives or read an ingredients list! We have though and as responsible, loving dog owners, it’s down to us to make the change for them!

From morning cuddles at the office to checking in on our pack members with cuddle calls, at Bella and Duke we love a good cuddle and with winter coming, we want to use Rawtober as an excuse to give an extra warm, cuddle filled welcome to all our new and seasoned Bella and Duke feeders!

To properly welcome you into the pack and as a way to show our appreciation for those already initiated, every order will include Bella and Duke doggy bandannas, so you and your pooches can become fully fledged members of the Bella and Duke pack!

We hope you will join us for Rawtober and please spread the word to any and all dog lovers everywhere!

Any questions and you know you can always give us a call and we will be happy to help you in any way possible. We also welcome you to join our ever-growing and warm welcoming Facebook Group and follow us on our mission on Twitter and Instagram @bellaandduke

– Oliver

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