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Why Our Team Love Working At Bella and Duke!

Here at Bella and Duke, we believe in cultivating a positive and supportive work environment. Something which is only made possible by putting the right people in place! So far we have been fortunate enough to employ a team of highly motivated and canine obsessed lovelies, who work daily to ensure the level of Bella and Duke lushness is always through the roof! Anyway, enough about why we employ people! Read below about why our employees love working for Bella and Duke! 🙂

“When asked the question of why I love working at Bella and Duke the answer was super easy – the people. The people at the core of this company are some of the loveliest people I’ve met. Never have I worked with a team of people who care as deeply about the customers and other members of staff as much as the ones I’ve met here at Bella and Duke. It’s so nice to be part of a company that treats everybody like a person rather than a number or commodity. They genuinely care about everything.” Charlotte (Customer Service)

Paul Basil

“I love working for Bella and Duke because I know I’m helping other pet parents to achieve the same health improvements and greater health span prospects for their dogs as our meals have already done for my two. It’s great to know that every dog we help feed is now safe from the risks associated with highly processed diets. I was so impressed, I joined the company.” – Paul (Customer Service)

“I love working at Bella and Duke because I always wanted to work for a company whose mission stretched beyond increasing profits and I can’t think of many company missions more exciting than trying to save the lives of dogs! In my day to day work routine, I find huge enjoyment in the amount of responsibility and trust I am given and love that I am given complete autonomy to use my intuition and make decisions that I feel are right for the company.” – Oliver (Marketing Graduate)

“I was asked to write why I love working for Bella and Duke and to be honest am not going to write that it’s all love hearts and rainbows. It’s better! From the amazing people I work with to the amazing people who I speak to every day about their Furry ones. The most amazing thing is having the opportunity to work alongside the most passionate people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I don’t just work for Bella and Duke I feel like I am part of it as all our customers are from the ones who have been with us to our newest customers. I am lucky to be a part of something so special and positive.” – Shona (Customer Service)

For more from our team or to meet more likeminded, dog-loving people, please join our evergrowing online community over HERE! 


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