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Please don’t just sent a CV without any extra thought of why Bella & Duke is a great fit for you.

We’re sick of cats and dogs dying far to young, we are also frustrated that so many GREAT products don’t make it mainstream because all the crap ones have millions of marketing budgets spent on them stopping great products capture more of the market.

If you’re truly up for a challenge and really do want to help us make a difference and help disrupt a market that desperately needs a rocket fired up it’s ass, then read on.

You may well have to take a pay cut in the short term but in the long term who knows how big we’ll get and how you develop your role in it.  You have to help take us from GOOD to GREAT (good is the enemy of great). You know how to make people not “like us” but absolutely “LOVE us”.

You are a high performer with a yearning to perform at the highest levels and a track record of doing so. We are a very ambitious company with a massive vision for our young business, what makes a company and culture brilliant are it’s people and you must add to the team with energy, a can do attitude and unbelievable people skills.

Start by reading my Letter to You – Dated 30th July 2019 (A year from now)


30th July 2019

I hired YOU as our new Kick-Ass Digital and Marketing Manager and it was the best thing I ever did.

You have figured out the best adverts and channels to acquire new customers, you have helped the team create some amazing content, adverts and really got our message out there.

You’ve have handled and overcome many challenges (or as you like to call them puzzles) and always come to me with potential solutions to any of the challenges you have come across.

It’s been great to see you develop in the role and make it your own.  You took our £3m business that we grew in 12 months and help take it to £30m and now getting ready to take us international.

You have helped us continue to grow our company culture, you have developed an amazing team internally and found amazing people to work with and also outside of our company as well.

You now keep me off social media and manage everything online and only allow me on when you have something specific for me to do.

You help the company stay focused and get the biggest bang for our marketing buck.

Now here’s the ‘Job Description’


  1. Strategy – planning how best to attract customers, with so many channels available  finding out what works best and quickly.
  2. Learning – developing and homing in your skills and your team.  The best way to learn is to forget what you know, be passionate about learning, teach and pass that knowledge on.
  3. Managing both online and offline advertising channels, experience with advertising, media creatives and buying, monitoring and developing inserts and other marketing material is always a big bonus.
  4. Our customers are very active on social platforms so you will develop these platforms and help build a massive online tribe.
  5. Help the team develop and create unbelievable content that makes us stand out from the rest.
  6. Help develop a team culture that makes people desperate to work with us, the health of our team both body and mind is something we take seriously along with encouraging everyone to try new things, we don’t want a blame culture that would stifle new ideas or  innovation.
  7. You will create systems that allow us to scale up effectively tracking everything and making sure we hit our KPI’s.
  8. You understand the 80:20 rule and follow it yourself.


PROACTIVE – you scan and think ahead, watching developments in technology and opportunities where we can be early adopters and keep ahead of the competition.

SYSTEMS – you help create systems to ensure the team stay focused and can measure their KPI’s and the company KPI’s.

REPORTING – You create daily, weekly and monthly reports that are relevant and useful to you, your team and the rest of the management team.

INTEGRITY – Your word is your bond, you understand that talking is not enough, walking and showing up for your team is a core belief of yours.

YOU DON’T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY – If you have an issue you don’t let it bubble away, you air it, you discuss it and more importantly you just deal with it.

YOU DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS – You ask questions ( which 9 times out of 10 are more important than the answers), you work off facts and data where you can and communicate clearly if you have any concerns or questions.

YOU ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST – Don’t get frustrated if you have genuinely tried, the overcoming of challenges is our best teacher, that will only happen if you have GRIT.

PROFESSIONAL  DEVELOPMENT – We are a big believer in personal and professional development, our goal is to support you in becoming EXTRAORDINARY in what you do.

One last thing, if you really want to get to first base with us then increase your chances by sharing a video about you and something you are passionate about.

Email: mark@bellaandduke.com