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Applying Biohacking to our dogs and more! – Live Q & A 26/9/18

Every Wednesday, members of our team take to Facebook live to answer any and all questions that members of our group may have. This week Sadie and Mark sat down to discuss biohacking, switching your dog’s diet and more!

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0:55 What is ‘Biohacking’?

3:03 Applying the concept of Biohacking to our dogs

4:34 I’m starting my dog on Bella and Duke, can I do a straight swap?

8:00 Wanting to switch your dog’s diet but think they may have had a bad reaction to raw before?

11:52 My dog is not losing weight but instead becoming more stocky on raw

16:12 Since starting on Bella and Duke, my dog seems hungrier but why?

17:28 Just starting on raw, is it best to stick to one protein or better to mix them up?

19:52 I’m switching to Bella and Duke and unsure how much to feed my Labrador!

21:52 My raw fed pooch is allergic to something and I can’t work out what.

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