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Our mission is to get as many pets off processed food as possible and on to a healthy species specific raw diet. This is how we do it...

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Step 1

Handpicked just for your dog

Because every dog is different we deliver food based On Their Weight & Activity Levels. Plus You Are In Control Of The Size And Frequency of Deliveries. We put a variety of meals in each box and you can choose to exclude the ones you never want. We will mix up the meals throughout the year as dogs would never eat the same food in the wild every day.

Step 2

Delivered To Your Door

Never run out of high quality dog food again. We know when you are running low and will deliver your next box before you run out. Click here to see our meals

Step 3

Defrost, Feed & See The Difference

Our meals come in airtight boxes with lids for easy defrosting and storage. It only takes 24hrs to defrost and has a 4-day shelf life when kept in the fridge.

A Better Choice

Our passion is to produce great raw pet food as nature intended.

  • Human grade ingredients
  • Bespoke to your dog's needs
  • As nature intended
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Case Studies

My little furbaby is extremely fussy and will go without food for days she has been on Bella and Duke now for a good few days now and has not turned her nose up once which is extremely rare we have tried almost every raw food out there and this is the only one she has not walked away from after the second day Can’t tell you happy I am 😀😀😀
Thank you



Case Studies

Meet Lola … ok so she isn’t the most energetic Labrador you will ever come across but has the best character you could ask for and an appetite as good as any . She is nine now and after a warning for her weight we changed to raw feeding a long while ago . We have chosen Bella and Duke and used them for a long while now and it’s all good from Lola’s point of view . Dropped 10 kilograms and her coat is amazing people always comment on how shiny and smooth she is … hope everyone enjoys the product as much as Lola has . Now awaiting the new flavours and of course the natural treats



Case Studies

Biggie Smalls LOVES this food. His little body did not tolerate kibble right from the off so after much research I chose Bella & Duke’s raw puppy meals since I believe they had the margin (and passion) on raw food nutrition.

Today my puppy is full of vitality and exudes a joy for life that is simply contagious.

Thanks guys!

Amanda, Bella & Duke Customer