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The Raw Truth: Processed foods kill dogs

Sickness and obesity rates in dogs are higher than they have ever been. A recent report by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association says vets are in broad agreement that over 40% of the UK’s dogs are obese and figures released by the British Veterinary Association* show that the majority of vets regard obesity as the biggest health and welfare challenge for UK pet owners.

The problem is that the products offered by all major dog food manufacturers consist almost entirely of processed food. And just like humans, dogs simply don’t have the digestive system to cope with all the bad stuff in these foods. Their inability to digest it has a serious impact on their health.

Good Food vs Junk Food

Contrary to what many believe, dry dog food or kibble is no better for a dog than the canned variety. Although dry foods are convenient, these are often bulked out with indigestible grain and sprayed with fats to make them smell more enticing.

Most dog foods — tinned, dried or in a pouch — simply do not contain the nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy.

What’s worse, many dogs actually become addicted to these high-carb, high-fat foods just as humans can become addicted to high-carb, high-fat fast food!

The alternative to mainstream dog food is a raw food diet, which provides the perfect blend of the six vital nutrient groups — water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals — that your dog needs to stay healthy.

That inability to digest processed food is having a serious impact on their health.

The Many Benefits of Raw

Dogs have exactly the same digestive system as a wolf in the wild. To keep your dog healthy and happy, they need to eat a similar diet to the wolf. Raw meats, uncooked bones, fruits and vegetables are all essential components of a raw diet.

Switching your dog’s diet to a raw variation has a load of observable benefits. Your dog will appear happier and their mood should be calmer. Their coat will be shinier and their skin healthier. But most importantly, your dog will lead a longer and happier life.

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