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Is Raw Food Good For My Dog?

Customers of Bella & Duke give their answer to the question you are asking: should I feed my dog raw food?

As a pet parent, you want to do right by your dog which is exactly how I felt before setting up Bella & Duke.  It really does frustrate me that so many brands use cheap ingredients, so I decided to do something about it.   Of course, we don’t have millions to spend on R & D but what we do have is lots and lots of raw feeders saying what they have seen when feeding raw.

Dog Owners Are The Best Proof A Raw Diets Work
Betsy now, aged 6

Betsy came to us four years ago, overweight, paws redraw with cysts, bald patches and fed on kibble. Over £1,000 at the vets and still no progress. Was suggested by a fellow bulldog owner to try raw, within a week we could see the difference & this is Betsy now, aged 6 and a picture of health 👌🏻💪🏻Cysts never returned, neither did the balding 😁 – Gayle T Olmie

Eye Stains Gone

3 months in Bella &Duke ….. loads more energy, solid toilet, eye stains and brown patches completely gone and best of all they love it xx – Donna Swinton

No Hot Spots
No Hot Spots

Been on Bella & Duke for about 4/5 months and what a difference it has made! We only use there treats too. He now has no hot spot problems (skin) no more messy stools. Eating 1kg a day and full of life. The vet even praised how great he has grown. Wonderful job these guys do 👍 – Shane Smith

No more itchy red skin

Wouldn’t feed our Louie anything other than raw. No more itchy red skin, his coat is like velvet and it sure helps with his toilet and smelly farts!😂 ….. and he absolutely adores it👌 – Pauline Dignon

Sabre German Sheppard

Been feeding Sabre now with Bella & Duke for just over a month now, results are great no more soft stools eats all her meals every day instead of leaving most of it and her coat is in great condition. I’d recommend Bella & Duke. Thanks, guys. – Linda Lynch

Woody is less hyper

Woody has been on commercial dog food since he was born. Commercial dog food was new to me as fed my previous dogs on raw. Life as a family was hectic so thought I wouldn’t have time to use raw food with weighing out % of proteins bones etc so I kept him on the commercial. But it never felt right giving it to him. He would waste half of it and lacked enthusiasm going to his bowl. A friend told me to check out Bella and Duke, explained it was so easy to order, delivery was scheduled for you, food was already made complete so no messing with scales and service was friendly and efficient. I thought I would give it a go, bought my freezer for the garage went online completed what was the easiest online order form I’ve ever had to do and waited. Delivery was stress-free I was not only given a date but a 2 hour delivery time slot. Woody has been on Bella and duke for a week. In that week I’ve seen a difference in behaviour – he’s less hyper, I’ve seen a difference in his coat – we have shine without using products, I’ve seen a difference in his poo – now solid small and once a day! And he loves it!!! Bowl empty in seconds, cries if on the side waiting for it. I have already told so many people about Bella and Duke. I hope as they get bigger the service and product remains as good as it is today – Kate Nicholson

Free from allergies

Raw food diet keeps my dogs free from allergies and digestive problems which seemed untreatable even with steroids. Species appropriate feeding is in synch with nature:) Here are the fans of Bella and Duke. – Magdalena Panunzio

Thank goodness

This is holly rescued 5 years ago ( not sure who rescued who 😊) used as a puppy farmed dog … discovered approximately 2/3 weeks later she had a large rare cancer on her back left leg it was removed but the vet expected it to come back within the year she also had colitis I was recommended to give her a special dry kibble especially for colitis £85 a bag !!! 4 months later it was worse 4 months of antibiotics still no change … I started to do my own research I cldnt watch her suffer any more…. came across raw food diet for cancer and colitis in dogs did a bit more research into it and educated myself and started holly on the raw diet … we haven’t looked back and 5 years later no cancer !!!! Colitis would have come back when she got stressed or frightened it could last days … a friend said she had ordered from Bella and Duke and the food was much better than the one we were ordering .. I phoned up had a long chat with mark ( I think) later that day placed my order …it’s 3 months now from that order and holly has been very stressed and frightened by the fireworks that are being let off at the minute but no colitis which I believe speaks volumes about the quality of food Bella and duke supply … on a final note only I switched holly to a raw diet I don’t believe she would be here today … thank goodness I did it saved her life … 🐶❤️ – Maire 



This is Hugo. From when we had him never a solid poo, dry scaly skin, wasn’t keen on food. Back and forward to the vets, using the foods they sold us and no improvement. He was miserable and unhappy.
A friend recommend raw food. We tried it and within 48 hours we had solid poo. He is glossy and shiny. He’s so much happier. He loves it as well. We would never go back – Nicola Walters

Crumpet thriving on a raw diet

Crumpet is thriving on a raw diet, I don’t think he could be any healthier. He’s had 3 major surgeries, for damaged cruciate ligaments and I believe the raw food really helped with his speedy recovery back to full fitness. Working in the pet services industry I only hear positive stories about raw feeding. Raw is best! – Jenny Godfrey

Lottie loving raw
Lottie loving raw


Lottie is loving her raw diet, I had kept her on a premium kibble as recommended by the vet however she ate it out of necessity and not enthusiastically.I did buy premium wet food sometime but she always had loose stool and a smelly butt which was full anus glads (YUK) I started introducing bones to give her something to look forward to as a treat and as a way of keeping her teeth clean, whilst I was researching a raw food BARF diet and was completely overwhelmed,when this company popped up on my Facebook. Got to say my girl loves it (which is a massive plus), and I am much happier that she is getting better nutrition to keep her healthy. Buying this as a complete meal, which covers all of her dietary requirements and gives her variety in her meals is a no brainer. – Amanda Riley

Berty loves her raw

Berty loves her raw food and we have a new pup also on raw now too. – Tamson Barber

Leo’s coat so shiny

Leo loves his raw diet as it keeps his coat shiny, he doesn’t get fat, but most of all it helps cut down on the risk of cancer – Joan Mears

Tanky’s runny poop gone!

Our boy Tanky from 10 weeks had suffered with runny poop, sicky very bad wind and re-occurring ear problems really bad over 1k in vet bills in the first month or so decided to swap to raw and never looked back he’s very healthy good weight no wind issues at all he never smells anymore his poop is very small and dosen’t smell anymore mostly not ear or stomach issues very happy pup 🙂 and he loves it woofs it down x – Liza McClelland

Love Bella & Duke

These two love Bella and Dukes 👍 well balanced raw food my dogs love 💥 – Reg Marsh

Poppy has more energy

Poppy from Glasgow, been on Bella and Duke raw food for 3 months now. Her coat’s thicker, she’s got more energy and she never gets the runs anymore! 👍🏻 – Andrew Weir

Italian Greyhound Benji

Raw is definitely the way forward ! My Italian greyhound called Benji is incredibly healthy since starting on raw- his coat is super shiny, his teeth are clean, he has more energy and best of all his poos are very human friendly (firm and very little smell) 😂 Its the best feeling knowing that what you are feeding your dog is the most natural and healthiest option and as aforementioned your pet will be walking evidence of this !! Thank you Bella and Duke 😊❤🐶 – Gemma Ryan

Poppy energy improved

she was always pretty skinny. I attributed this to the fact that she was very active, and consequently, pooped a lot. However, when I looked at the content of the foods we were giving her, the actual content of meat and proteins were very low. I scoured the supermarkets and even looked at the brand my vet endorsed, and even that had maximum 60% animal proteins. Many were described as ‘animal derivatives ‘… many also heavily relied on grain to make up the bulk of the product.

Since using Bella and Duke, not only has Poppy’s energy levels increased, her coat is thicker and shinier, her teeth are being cleaned by the bone fragments in the meal and she is pooping only twice a day and they are much smaller, like hard, large grapes; practically odour free and no ‘runny bum’. An even bigger pro for us is that she is now at a stable, healthy weight. Sitting happily at around 7kg. We also feel that she is slightly calmer as well; I liken this to the lack of additives and preservatives in the B&D diet, so she’s not ingesting anything un-natural. Like e-numbers for children!

Our little dog is glowing with health and although I recognise that raw is considered controversial still, there’s no way we would return to conventional dog foods. I’m confident I’m giving my dog the best and I’ll continue to do so.

Dex, white teeth & shinny coat

Dex is 5 years old and has been on raw his whole life. People always comment on his white teeth, his shiny coat and his good breath (for a dog)!  And of course, picking up the poo is much easier with raw because it’s firm, lol! No anal gland issues, either… – Karen Finn

Yorkies & Cairn Terrier

Hi, I’ve been feeding my Yorkies and Cairn Terrier raw food for about 3 years and have never had a problem with their health i.e. none have suffered from diarrhea or thrown-up after a meal. I usually feed them 3% of their weight (desired wgt that is) and adjust it depending on their activeness. Here’s a pic of some of them. 😁 – Alemap Toorc

Norah so healthy on raw

This is Norah. She’s 7 years old. She was changed to raw food 3 years ago. She had always suffered with itchy, reactive skin, horrible hot spots and s very poor coat..She also had digestive issues/ loose stools. Since her diet change and an initial supplement of probiotics, she has no skin issues at all..She has no digestive upsets. Her coat is absolutely beautiful now and her general outlook on life is so much happier. 👍 – Tania Greenwood

Bodhi Golden Retriever

This is Bodhi, our nearly 18 month old Golden Retriever who has been Raw fed now for about 8 months. Raw food has been amazing for Bodhi who had no end of problems on his old dry food diet. Unfortunately he has some severe allergies which we are now managing to figure out and get under control, but I can’t help but wonder if his start to life on kibble could have contributed to him developing them. He cries with excitement for mealtime now! – Catherine Turner

Bear loves his food

Bear is in love with his treats and food!! He won’t put down the yak! Xx – Abbey Jones

Kai and Skye

Kal (4) and Skye (3) Rhodesian Ridgebacks raw fed since 2015. Raw diet helps to strengthen their immune system and control their allergies. AND keep them fit for hiking 😂 – Monika Madi

Bryn the Labrador

We changed to raw 10 years ago after we adopted our Labrador Bryn – he came from Many Tears Rescue and had spent his first 7 months shut in a shed at a puppy farm – he had developed terrible skin so the farmer dumped him in the rescue . To begin with he was on almost constant steroids which we knew was not good long term so we researched raw . Since changing he has not needed any steroids – so it made sense to feed all our five dogs on it and all are thriving . We are just trying our first trial box from Bella and Duke as our latest adoptee ( a 10 year old yorkie from a kill pound in Gran Canaria ) was a little fussy – so he had first try this morning and cleared his plate ! – Jacqueline Baker

15 years raw feeding

Been a complete raw feeder for over fifteen years now I practice both modules,prey model raw feeding for my cats and kittens, and barf raw feeding for my dog’s, I’m completely chemical free too, the benefits of the raw diet is a healthy immune system,better and stronger skeleton growth,brain function,gum and tooth health ,body muscle tone, I have a raw and natural blog page helping educate others in the way we feed , the beauty of raw is no additives,chemicals,grains ,fillers , which is a massive contribution to behavioral issues and allergies,even cancers and tumour’s in animals. I feed six animals completely raw – Drae Jones-Gill

Husky Running

We have fed raw for 20 plus years ..prey model..and use herbal and homeopathic remedies. Our dogs have not needed flea or worm treatment ..we use wormcount.. teeth are clean even on our 12 year olds..we dont get digestion issues. Raw feeding is easy and inexpensive if sourced well 😊 – Susan Thompson

On raw all her life

Vesta has been raw fed all her life, beautiful condition coat, white teeth, good, breath and poops. No chemicals used either – Denise Marsh

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