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Raw Dog Food Calms Dogs Down

What dog eats will have an effect on behaviour.  Some dogs like humans react to additives and sugars than others and can make them hyper. For these dogs to calm its a huge benefit to remove processed food. Add in  natural behaviour modification with appropriate rest and exercise. Your dog will not only be healthy in body and mind but one that can exhibit self control and patience to.

Processed foods negatively impact on behaviour and health in children and dogs.

Highly processed food contains sugar, carbohydrate,  preservatives, colours etc.

It is well documented  that if we feed our children a high carbohydrate and sugar-fueled diet, they (if sugar sensitive) become reactionary, either sluggish (low concentration levels) or fueled for a fight. Children it seems are far more susceptible to sugar sensitivities than adults.

Stress and anxiety arise from poor diet as well as environment influences

Address your dogs stress levels.

Dogs communicate how they feel by what they do. Understanding their canine behaviour and how to modify those behaviours in a natural way is important to their ultimate health,happiness and longevity.

10 Behaviours Listed below can be a result of eating  processed dog food

  1. A pacing dog, one that continually tries to gain your attention?
  2. Fear of noises
  3. Reacting to your every move
  4. Fussy Eater
  5. Barges and bully tactics to you and other dogs
  6. Play becomes quickly over the top
  7. Anxiety when separated from you or another companion
  8. Constant or prolonged barking
  9. Slinks about, hides away, unnaturally calm and just scared of life
  10. If your dog can’t stop and rest, then you need to fuel the brain correctly, in conjunction with working on the undesirable behaviours. Without changing the diet then modification of behaviour will be hard pressed in many cases in my experience.

raw fed dogs sat in chair

Calm behaviour starts with a change of diet

Move away from a kibble and tinned food diet to natural fresh raw food . The changes I’ve seen even before behavioural modification is well underway, has left me in no doubt about the huge benefits that diet has on physical and mental health.

When the brain and body is fit.  Behaviour is modified more effectively. If a dog can’t concentrate, then he cannot learn efficiently. So lets do healthy life style for your pooch.

A dog free from food induced problems, will be free from pain and discomfort

Get the diet right, your dog will be free of allergy itches, abdominal discomfort, hot spots, dry skin irritations, fungal infections, reduced aches and pains. When physical health issues are  corrected he is a better mental state to learn.

So feed your dog a raw diet but also seek holistic veterinary advice for any medical issue.

The truth cannot be denied Kibble is a killer, (research is bountiful on this fact)… Kibble is the beginning of a whole host of behavioural (A raw fed dog is a calm dog) and medical conditions in your beloved dogs and cats. Take a look at this great post by Rodney Habib, you will find that amount of sugar that is hidden in your animals food alarming!

Even If The Food Is Grain Free It Will Not Be Carb Free Unless It’s A Raw Diet 

Carbs/sugar in Kibble = overweight and Diabetes
Carbs/sugar in Kibble = dental decay
Carbs/sugar in Kibble = Sluggish
Carbs/sugar in Kibble= Unruly behaviour
Carbs/sugar In Kibble = Low concentration
Carbs/sugar in Kibble feeds cancer

Healthy life style for dogs.

Break the cycle and that starts with changing the diet

  • Feed a Raw natural fresh diet
  • Reduce chemicals ( think on more natural fleas and worming treatments)we put into our animals, has a massive bearing on their behaviour.
  • Education. Behaviour modification program is as much about changing environment and you as it is about changing your dog.
  • The more a behaviour is practiced the more it will happen, good and bad.
  • Appropriate physical exercise
  • Appropriate brain and nose work exercise

Effects Of Excess Sugar And Carbs In Our Modern Diets 

Links Between Chronic Disease And Anxiety In Dogs Is the Same In Humans. Calm People are Fit people. Eat well and you’ll stress less.

By Caroline Spencer. Natural Canine Behavioural Specialist

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