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Why Raw Dog Food Saves You Money!

When feeding raw you must remember this is a natural diet for a dog that will help to improve their quality of life, That in itself is priceless 🙂 In the way we choose organic foods or specialist meats direct from farm suppliers. Quality can be more expensive on the purse but not on your health.

By feeding a species-appropriate diet with very low or no carbohydrate (no grains including rice, oats, barley, wheat, soya, potatoes, pea products and so on) your dog’s system will be working at its optimum. (see what is in Bella & Duke’s food)  The upshot of this is that you won’t be having visits to your vet for any number of diet-related illnesses and most illnesses are as a result of a poor diet. From cancer down to scaly brown teeth, fungal ear infections or itchy skin. So you’re quids in already.

Also, take into account the price of the kibble that you are currently feeding – high priced kibble can be upwards of £60 per 12kg bag and quite frankly is no better than the lower priced brands. see one customer’s story on the cost of Kibble.

Our pricing is very competitive- and the price you see is the price you’ll pay! You will not be smacked with a delivery charge (unless you happen to live in a delivery surcharge area). So the price you see for various amounts of food you order is all you pay. The more you buy, the less you pay.

We run a transparent company, and this is what we pride ourselves on.

You get a quality product with endless advice and support; so you can feel confident that you are not on your own. There is always someone to advise whether that be looking at the advice section on our website, by phone, email or our Facebook group.

You’re not on your own as you venture forth on your new journey of a long, healthy, life with your happy and contented hound 🙂


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