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Getting conflicting reviews about raw food diet (more worried about bacteria to kids).

Having a wobble about this food. Ordered trial size should come on Wednesday. Getting conflicting reviews about raw food diet (more worried about bacteria to kids). Also, we are big campers – practically how I’m I going to be able to take frozen food camping for a week or so ! Welcome any reassurance.😕 Anyone go camping – suggestions please. And anyone had concerns over raw food with kids – my dog is a bigger for licking my kid on face – don’t think I could stop my son from doing it – it’s an automatic thing for them now 🐶👦🏼👅 – Tracey


Jane I think you have to think about all the other things your dog puts his mouth or nose on or around. That’s what keeps it in perspective for me

Tracey Very true 🤣

Mairi Obviously yer dog is on dry food. So what happens if yer dog licks its bum then licks yer kids. You will get people saying about bacteria but is the same when they’re on dry food

Darla I have kids and my dog has a big thing about locking their faces. He’s even managed to pick an eyeball! We are all still alive and healthy 😊 I’ve never camped so that’s a harder one to help with. What do you do about your food? Or do you not have fresh food? There is a brand of tinned food that’s tripe or something but I’d be wary of swapping food constantly. Best bet would be to always camp near a town with a butchers in it.

Lorraine If you are taking a cooler box. Buy plenty if bags of ice to keep if cold. It lasts 4 days once defrosted. If you take it out the freezer and into your cooler box just as your leaving it should be fine. This is what I will be doing when I go camping at the end of may. Take one out the night before for eating the night you arrive at your holiday place.

Sheena My dog has been on raw food for 4 years. She always licks our faces. We have never been poisoned. There is too much scaremongering around raw food and it is wrong that it should be this way. With regards to your camping, well I can’t answer that, sorry. Hopefully others can. 🙂 🙂

Kate As long as you practice good hygiene wash the bowls and your hands after handling. I wouldn’t worry at all . . . We camp as well and I have bought a special travel fridge for her food x

Clare I did query raw feeding and caravaning and they will deliver to campsite for you

Donna Re your dog licking your son’s face. You are worried, understandable. However, being very blunt. The dog licks his bum and then licks your son’s face too! I feel genuinely you are over thinking. But listen to what others have to say. Relax, re camping. The cool wool has been tested and I believe keeps boxes frozen uptown 48 hrs… Mark Scott can help there.

Jude standard good hygiene will keep you right. I’ve been feeding dogs and cats raw for 8 yrs now and none of us, animals, adults or children have got sick from it. For camping, pack up a cooler box. The food should last the week provided you start with the box well packed with frozen stuff … you could wrap it in some of the cool wool as well.  My advice would be give the raw a try, if you then decide it’s not for you that’s fair enough … but I’d be surprised if you decided against it jabbing tried it x

Claire I have 4 children ranging in age from 4 to 11. We have never had anyone get sick but we are strict with the whole licking faces thing. And I treat handling the dogs raw food as I would preparing raw food for us, good hand hygiene and a good clean down and that’s that.
I can’t comment on camping but I’m sure there would be a way round this xx

Tracey Thanks guys – will defo look at fridge for camping and the cool wool sounds perfect what it comes in! I know by dog will lick butt (it’s a very clean one though 🤣) – I think I need to stop researching on it- like was said the scaremongering is working 😂. Need to relax and see how it goes before making judgement call 👍🏻

Sarah I have two boys aged 5 & 9, Ruby has only been with us 5 weeks but she is loving her Bella and Duke 🙂 I was worried too but thinking about what else she attempts to eat when we are out keeps it in perspective for me. I do make sure that I have good hand hygiene when I am preparing her food and I wash her bowl and area where she eats as soon as she has finished. We haven’t had any problems so far and she is thriving x

Leita-Victoria stop listening to silly myths propagated by pet food industry brainwashing humans with their cancer-causing foods. fact!
pets were eating raw throughout history. i have never needed vets in 45yrs since my own first pet at 20yrs. go raw n improve ur pets health

Jen Started raw feeding when my youngest was a toddler, no issues! And I’m a health professional! Just be sensible and wash the bowels when meal is finished, all the best

Mark  I took the woolcool box we deliver in camping and it lasted 4 days, if you have a small freezer you can keep swapping the food between freezer and box to keep more and extend how long they last.

Emma Our dog is a serial licker.. she’s constantly licking everyone but no more than our 1 year old son. There have been no related illnesses.

Sharon My dog has been on raw since we first got her and she licks us and the children on the face , none of us have been ill if you think of the disgusting things dogs eat other than there food, I don’t think it makes any difference and I am of a nursing background and very infection conscious. If out camping you could always make your own food with raw veg and mince as a stop gap towards the end of your holiday. I would never feed my dog anything else now.

Sally Our dog is raw fed, when we go away I feed him either Forthglade or Natures Menu pouches both top quality wet food. I want us all to enjoy our holiday not have to go searching for raw food.
I don’t have young children but don’t think I would raw feed if I had a baby.

Georgie Your kids will be fine. As someone has already said, dogs lick their bits and then your sons face….
I, on more than one occasion have used the fork I used for my dogs raw food to move my own food about on the grill or in the oven and I’m still alive and kicking 😂
This has been done accidently, I mixed the forks up because im useless at tidying away when Im done 🙈
There are SO MANY scaremongering ads and articles out there and its always from the dry food companies who are sh***ing themselves that raw diets are on the rise.

Jacqueline Re camping, we have an old table top freezer that we bought for our dogs food when we go away in the caravan.

Jenny Been raw feeding for four years. Our dog loves to give kisses but I’m more worried about other stuff she puts in her Mouth than raw! What about people that eat blue steak?! Our friend literally eats meat that’s hardly warmed through, so what’s the difference? There is a lot of scaremongering but as others have said just be sensible with normal hygiene practice and it will be fine. As for camping, we have caravan, I take enough food for a week frozen and keep it in cool bag with ice packs. All packed together it takes ages to thaw and once it’s gone I just go to supermarket and get some mince, chicken wings etc and it’s all fine!

Helen I caravan with 2 dogs take as much as I can..then source suppliers locally or get it delivered to campsite. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Joan We went camping and food lasted to nearly end of wk

Ted Often campsites have freezers for freezer blocks enquire before you go. Or camp near a pet shop that sells frozen raw to tide you over 🐶❤



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  1. We are presently caravanning and took large cool box with Bella and Duke for 3 dogs for 5 days. We replenished the freezer packs everyday and it lasted fine. We left the box outside the caravan all the time and just made sure it wasn’t in full sun.

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