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Treats & Bones on a Raw Food Diet

Should you give your dog bones and treats as you transition them onto a raw food diet?

We would always suggest allowing a month for cats or dogs who are new to raw feeding to adjusting to their new wonderful diet before introducing any additional bones or treats.

The last thing you want is to cause constipation which excessive bone in the diet can cause. It also gives time for the gut to stabilise and adjust to dealing with the breakdown of bone in their new raw diet.

Dogs must develop the skill to chew bones correctly. Adult dogs who are new to chewing on a bone, it is better to give a bone with sinew and fascia attached in larger pieces that cannot be swallowed whole e.g. play bones. The dogs develop the skill to use their back crushing teeth to break down the bone before attempting to swallow it. We suggest not giving small chicken wings for larger dogs until they have learnt how to chew bones correctly to avoid them attempting to try and swallow the bones whole.

When feeding raw bones always remember:

  • Always keep an eye on your pet when feeding raw bones.
  • You may have to educate your dog to eat bones, always start off with bones larger than their head ( e.g. a cow femur (knuckle end) for giant breeds) to stop them just gulping down the bone.
  • If you have more than one dog keep them apart when feeding bones to stop fights.
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