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Why we don’t have Flax Seed in our dog meals

Hi. Good afternoon. This is attempt number four. We’ve had my phone going off and all kinds of other distractions. I’m here, I’m focused. This is a very, very quick video for you about flax.

Lots of people have asked why we don’t have flax in our meals. There’s lots of bumf out there on the media about flax being really good at balancing fats and being very high in Omega-3 or being very good for our hormones. We don’t quite agree with that; those facts are a little bit misleading. There are three main reasons that we don’t include flax in our meals.

So taking it from the top. Number one. The supposed Omega-3 benefits of flax — yes, flax is really good — for cows. So cows are really effective at converting flax into Omega-3 fats. The have a very, very long digestive tract; they’re called ruminants like goats and sheep. Humans, much like dogs have a short digestive tract so cannot convert it, or what they do convert to Omega-3 is only about three or four or five percent.

So it’s much more effective for us to either (a) eat the animals that have already converted it for us — the beef meal, the lamb meal, and so other; we don’t have goats on the menu yet, but I can speak to the neighbor about that, or (b) adding Omega-3 from other sources, such as the salmon oil that we’re currently putting into the meals or algae oil, which we’re about to start putting into the meals. More on that at another time.

Reason number two why we don’t include flax. Flax is actually a very unstable oil. Now this means that it can actually go rancid quite quickly, which means that not only is it not a positive Omega-3 fat for us, it can be pro-inflammatory and actually make things worse rather than better.

And thirdly, a lot of people have said, “well, actually it’s a really good source of fiber, and it binds to used hormones and…” Great. But we believe that actually the ground up bone and chicken carcasses, and the insoluble fiber that’s provided by the vegetables, which brings with it an additional source of antioxidants, is a far more effective source of fiber with lots of other benefits.

So hopefully that answers all of the questions. If anybody would like to know further, please please just personal message me or post a message on the Facebook forum.

Really look forward to hearing from you and have a lovely rest of day. Thank you.

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