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Welcome Video What To Expect From Raw Feeding A Dog

Welcome to the Bella & Duke pack, this is the first of our PawCast (Podcast).  A little intro into what to expect if you have never done raw feeding before.

Hi I’m Mark I’m on the co-founders of Bella & Duke and we feel really privileged that you’ve us chosen is to feed your pet our meals are balanced and hopefully now that you’ve been feeding you your dog are wee while on it you’re going to see the differences after week going to see things like that there stool and become smaller more condensed a lot more like what you would see in the wild and the their their coats are going to look better and just overall they’re just going to have more energy hopefully you are going to see things like itching paws licking paws disappear and other benefits you’re going to see over a bit of a longer period but hopefully most important you’re going to see a dog that’s enthusiastic about eating again and that that to me is the sure sign that we’re doing something right and there’s a community a raw feeding community then it’s Bella and Duke we really want your feedback good and bad because we want to continue to improve what we’re doing and going forward you’re going to see changes with our meals we’re going to be adding herbs we’re going to be doing test groups so if you want to be part of that please let us know so please join our Facebook group and our page you have any problems at all with your feeding with fussy dogs or anything like that get in touch with us, ask for help
now groups there were a black and white company and we’re going to continue to improve what we’re doing whether it’s the packaging whether it’s the product range I’m going to introduce things like bone broth we’re going to be introducing cat food shortly these are all things has been really exciting we’ve growing so fast in the last six months is really taking my breath away and the support we’ve had from our customers has been fantastic and I know we’ve got challenges up and coming and 30-degree hot summer days do make it a bit challenging getting the food out there but we’ll continue to keep approving and really encouraged by the support we’re getting from our community and customers thank you again my name is Mark you can email me directly mark at mark@bellaandduke.com give us a call and our team work after you
thank you


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