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What Should My Dog Weigh?

Is Your Dog The Correct Weight For Their Breed?

There are charts of ideal body weight for various breeds, these are really just a guide and there are so many mixed breeds of dogs that it can be very confusing for some.

So look at the size of your dog and know that if your dog is fat, you won’t be able to gently feel a ripple of ribs under his skin with a flat palm. If you can see the ribs then your dog is too thin. Just be aware if you have a dog with thick hair you may not see this, but if you’re snuggling and cuddling then it will be very apparent.

Is your dog is a perfect weight?

The perfect weight for each individual is by sight and touch. Check your dog has a slight waist and you can feel the ribs gently rippling under the palms of your hands as you move them to and fro, but are unable to see them.

If your dog is overweight then we need to look at their diet and activity levels. Some dogs may be a little on the slim side and weight gain is all important here. Do remember your dog’s weight will fluctuate dependent on season, stress levels and activity. Therefore do be mindful to tailor make their dietary intake to suit their own individual requirements.

Our suggestion to feed a dog is 2.5% to 3% of ideal body weight. Remembering this is only the guide and as above do tailor make the amount to your dogs individual needs.

Ideal weights of different sized dogs

What ever breed of dog you have from a  giant breed such as a Great Dane and wolfdogs to large dogs like Labradors and Weimaramers or medium sized Spaniels to Small Terriers, Pug Dog or French Bull Dogs, Toy Poodle or Chinese Crested, they all have their own ideal weight, they are not all the same breed standard.

The ideal weight of a mix breed dog

Many people nowadays have mixed breed dogs like the Labradoodle or Cockerpoo so dependent on the size of poodle and other mix depends on the ultimate size and weight of your dog. That’s why weight is better judged by how they look and feel as in the chart above.

If your dog has either lost or gained weight suddenly then you are advised to visit your vet.


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