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Sh*t my Vet Said ! This will make you laugh cry or both – a real Christmas Cracker

WARNING: Whilst this is based on an actual story, some names have been changed to protect the ignorant. Do not read this if you have left your sense of humour in the kennel! Some of this is pure opinion! Not all of it can be proven beyond belief! You have been warned! Danger ! Merry Christmas!

The Scene

Its a crisp pre Christmas morning when a loving pet owner and part of the Bella and Duke tribe, visits her Vets with her dog for a routine check up. Whilst in the vets, she mentions that she is currently trying raw feeding with great benefit. What does the Vet think about this? You wonder?

The Vet

Given we are fast approaching that holiday period of love and forgiveness, lets deliberately avoid naming this particular Vet by their real name.  We can call them Mr Bumble (just like Oliver Twist).

Important to note here that there are lots of forward thinking, proactive evolving vets out there. Functional Holistic, Pushing raw, pushing common sense. Applause. As you will see Mr Bumble is not quite one of these yet….

Mr Bumble’s profile looks like this:

Bumble works at Bumbledom & Backwards Veterinary Surgery. An epicentre of sameness.

Whilst loving animals, Bumbledom & Backwards specialise in doing more of what they know and avoid at all costs anything new. Especially if it challenges a major income source. Madness !

They spent several years at SomeSuch Vet School, working very hard to learn a syllabus that was several years behind the time then, 15 years ago. There was also approximately one to two hours of nutrition in this course, total, 15 years ago.

They were also taught how to stop listening to common sense, follow dogma from dog food manufacturers only (why bite the hand that feeds?) And most of all one should firmly bury your head in the sand when faced with overwhelming success of any other methods or approach. Sand was created for a reason – USE IT!

Since then, they have attended several seminars sponsored by major Kibble brands.

Coincidentally Bumbledom & Backwards stock this particular manufacturer’s products in the surgery and have a whole wall, perfectly presented, different lines for specific breeds. Looks very impressive. They make a substantial mark up on this but this is has zero influence on them.

When challenged on any points, they say “Where’s the proof?” or “It’s dangerous”.

The Letter

Mr Bumbledom kindly followed up with some information he had gathered from a  recent seminar, concerning Raw Feeding which he sent out as a circular to all of his patients.

See letter enclosed.


I am starting to feel festive. so will keep this polite and to the point

This content is utter dog sh1t.  (Dogs that have been fed on kibble, not raw, so huge smelly and full of bad bacteria)

There is at least one error in every single paragraph in the above letter. Fundamental basic errors with massive consequences on health and longevity.

The reply 

A wolf is a Chihuahua’s closest evolutionary relative. Its where the Chihuahua got its digestion from which is the important part in this discussion – Please prove this is not true.

The glossiness of the coat is not due to just any fat. Its the improved fat profile coupled with the reduction in inflammation caused by grain. Also,  quite importantly fat is not stored as fat. Let me repeat that. Fat is cannot be stored as fat. Excess fat is excreted as ketones. – Please prove this is not true

Carbohydrates are stored as fat. (which dogs find difficult to digest – they don’t produce many carbohydrate digesting enzymes) – Please prove this is not true.

Fat is also the basic building block of every single hormone in our bodies. – Please prove this is not true.

Dental bacteria, plaque and tartar are linked to sugar. A Raw Ketogenic diet is super low in sugars. A kibble diet is super high in sugars. Go figure. – Please prove this is not true.

Most raw diets contain ground bones, B&D’s certainly does. How much more calcium do you need than that? I am willing to bet that every single dog fed raw ketogenic will have more available calcium and healthy bone growth than on a high sugar inflammation diet.  – Please prove this is not true.

I test Humans regularly for gastro intestinal issues and I have never found one that does not have some Salmonella present in their own faeces. Its not that Salmonella is dangerous. It is dangerous in the wrong amounts, without healthy bacteria to keep it in check. Or in people with really really poor hygiene. Salmonella also incidentally THRIVES in a higher sugar environment created in the gut when a dog eats lots of poorly digested carbohydrates. And who eats dog sh1t anyway?

Please prove this is not true.

All of the above are fundamental errors that could mean the difference between your dog getting auto immune disease or not. Errors that could lead to cancer. Errors that are potentially overlooked for pure commercial reasons.

And any Vet or other that wants to challenge me on this. Please do. We are hear to learn, evolve and become better and bring you the best food possible at humane prices!

Christmas Anthem:

The next time a vet or anyone else tells you “Its not proven, its dangerous”. Please joyously shout back “Prove me wrong! You are dangerous ! ”

All of our pets are the proof that raw feeding works. 

A very large thank you to Jess one of our pack for sharing this letter. Together we are stronger , your feedback and input helps us grow and become better!

Happy Christmas Ho Ho Ho 

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