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Pancreatitis : Update

Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with our super Vet Wendy.  I always really love chatting with Wendy and exploring ideas. She is one of those open-minded progressive Vets with a wealth of experience, brings that extra perspective and dynamic to some of the theories that I see in the human world. Not to mention that all-important clinical experience from day in day out caring hands-on treatment.

Wendy very much agrees with our deductions about Kibble, pancreatitis, the causes and how to deal with it.  She also brought up the following valuable pointers that I want to share with you.

Firstly Pancreatitis is a silent epidemic. It is much more widespread than anyone realises and even more pronounced in the cat world than the dog world. It essential that anyone suspecting their pet may be suffering from this has their enzyme levels checked. The more comprehensively the better.

One of the reasons for this meteoric rise in pancreatitis is in her opinion the amount of sugar which is secretly or surreptitiously being added to food and particularly snacks. It is therefore critical to read the packets of EVERYTHING you feed your pets.

(We will be launching snacks IMMINENTLY. Ones you can believe in! Ones we are proud to produce!)

As you will remember sugar places a large demand on the pancreas to produce insulin. As well as being inflammatory. Both of these elements are major contributors to Pancreatitis.

There is also a suspicion that some manufacturers (not sure if I dare name them right here right now) are spraying their kibble with a combination of sugar and fats to make the food highly addictive. You can assume by the way that the fats are oxidised, rancid and pro-inflammatory. I am willing to bet good money that anyone as morally questionable as that is not using quality omega 3 salmon oil.

Not that any of you emancipated readers still have any kibble in the home, but the next time you visit someone who is still slowly, or swiftly, killing their dog with highly processed food, try touching it and see if it feels sticky, if so this is probably the sugary fat solution designed to lock pets onto their food and their food alone.

I wonder out loud if this is the reason some pets may have problems transitioning to raw because they are no longer getting the hit of sugar that the previous provider delivered.  For those of you who haven’t seen the effect of sugar on the human brain, compared to cocaine, check out these links below.



Wendy also corroborated the theory that this processed food is contributing to IBS like symptoms which are further impacting pancreatitis. This is exactly the same feedback loop that I am witnessing in patients I look after.

I truly believe that IBS, Pancreatitis and all of these other inflammatory and autoimmune-related disorders are totally avoidable and simple to treat, especially if they are caught earlier.

Only last week one of my patients mentioned that this was the first time in 15 years that his IBS symptoms had simply “gone away”.

Knowledge is power, let’s share it.

if you want to discuss your own health, I am  offering  a free 20 minute consultation to any of our Bella and Duke Pack. I have a maximum of 3 x 20-minute slots a week,  so contact me on rowan@themodernsensei.com to book yours now.

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2 responses to “Pancreatitis : Update

  1. Hi thanks for your question!
    that largely depends is the answer…On what?
    What is the underlying cause of the pancreatitis? Grain, lack of stomach acid? inflammation in the gut due to parasite etc
    What are you currently feeding it additionally?
    Are you supplementing with digestive enzymes?
    How pronounced is this pancreatitis?
    I have a couple for thoughts for you but will double check with our vet tomorrow and then follow up.
    Feel free to message me on rowan@bellaandduke.com.
    Look forward to discussing further !

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