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Leaky Gut in Dogs

So lots of you been sending me questions about intestinal permeability or leaky gut what it means how it happens and how to heal it in their pets, why? Because it decreases food allergies, autoimmune disease and improves pet health and what you can be really really be reassured and excited about is we’re extremely passionate about helping you with this at Bella and Duke. All of the meals are designed to limit, mitigate, prevent and help doggies heal intestinal permeability, however the subject is a bit more complicated than just food and what we decided would be a lot more fun is to launch a weekly paw cast to address this and other issues other topics of interest help grow the community and just generally enjoy ourselves finding out more about how to make our pets healthier. So please send in your messages tag me Rowan in them so I can see them we’ll compile a list of the best and most popular questions each week and we’ll address them for you fabulous have a great weekend.

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