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Kibble Food Costing Me Around £70 every 4 weeks

I love this story Shane shared on our Facebook Group

Here’s our story …
15 months on raw dog foodAbout 15 months ago my boy was on a kibble food costing me around £70 every 4 weeks. He ended up so fussy and gave up eating the kibble and lost a lot of weight. I then considered going raw fed …. I never knew where to start. I came across Bella and Duke and gave them a ring. The helpful staff helped me understand how they worked and how the food would work for my boy. So I went and ordered my first 12kg box. He was eating around 1kg per day until he gained his weight again and now he is eating between 500/700g a day. We have been on this diet now for 15 months and what a difference in him! Fit and healthy, his fur always looks and feels great. No messy bum! His teeth are great even the vet is so pleased in how he has progressed. All in all, I’ve gained in money and a healthy happy best friend. I’ve seen this company grow over the last 15 months I think we started on 4 different meals now there’s 8 or more. What a fantastic job you are all doing thank you.  – Shane Smith


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