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This Transformation Is Amazing! Read Caroline and Rosie’s Story.

Working at Bella and Duke, we feel very fortunate to hear stories from our customers in which, through making the switch to raw, dogs once riddled with intolerances, health issues, dogs getting up in age and dogs with extremely serious illnesses are given a second chance at life. After all, Bella and Duke was founded with the mission of saving the lives of as many dogs as possible and while this is no small task, hearing accounts of positive transformations, as seen in the one below, are a constant feel-good reminder that we are making a difference and that WE ARE on the right track!

As we uncovered in our interview with Valerie from Therapy Dogs Nationwide, there is a huge amount of misinformation going around surrounding raw fed dogs and due to the dog food industry at large being more concerned with profit than the health of these animals that we love like children, any stories of the positive change a raw diet brings about are swept under the rug in favour of unfounded nonsense.

This story was sent in by Caroline, who wrote in our Facebook Group, about the amazing transformation Rosie, who was once riddled with red and sore itchy skin, has now retained the wonderful white that she was always supposed to have!

Dry Skin Gone With Raw FoodI was inspired by recent before and after raw feeding photos and went digging for some of Rosie, I knew she had gotten better in the last 10 months but even I’m shocked at the photos!

As you can see she used to have red paws and a red tummy from all the licking she did to try and soothe her itchy skin. She has seasonal allergies and spent every summer until this one on apoquel. She always had a sore stomach with the runs at least once a week. We visited the vet regularly for probiotic paste and various tests. I had been told by the vet it would steadily get worse and she’d most likely end up on steroids all summer every summer. I couldn’t bear a life like that for her and I knew it would lead to a shorter unhappy life. She had also been a fusspot all her life and never really enjoyed her food so I was always looking for something she would enjoy. She also had a growth on her lip that we were keeping an eye on in case it turned into something nasty.

I’m so thankful every day that I found Bella and Duke. I just need to say a massive thank you for the huge improvement in Rosie since she started eating B&D, she’s like a different dog. We just got through a summer with zero apoquel, I’ve learned so many amazing things from the Mark Scott and Rowan Sanderson podcasts about fighting the itch the natural way. The worrying growth on her lip was gone after one month. Also, thanks to Caroline Spencer teaching me how to feed a fussy dog she actually eats the food without the need for cheese on top! You really are providing so much more than just dog food.

For anyone wondering if raw really will make a difference just look at Rosie, less than a year and the outside changes are amazing so the changes on the inside must be amazing too. I genuinely cannot thank all of you amazing folk at Bella and Duke enough. X”


We are over the moon to see Rosie’s amazing transformation, so a huge thank you to Caroline for sending in this amazing story and pictures!

For more fantastic stories, please be sure to join our Facebook group and come and say “Hi!

Written by Oliver Meades

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One response to “This Transformation Is Amazing! Read Caroline and Rosie’s Story.

  1. Reading this story made me realise my Ruby no longer has saliva stained feet. Her coat is now pure white!
    We hadn’t even realised. We knew her red fur was due to being a feet chewer but always put it down to habit/anxiety not her diet. Oh my what a revelation!

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