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Calcium Phosphorus Ratio for Puppies

Calcium and phosphorus levels are essential minerals for any dog or puppy


The daily requirement varies depending on age and breed in dogs.

  • Calcium is required in greater amounts and is essential in the body for bone formation, blood coagulation, muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmissions.
  • Phosphorus is also required in a relatively high amount but less than the amount of calcium required.

Phosphorus deficiency occurs very infrequently in dogs that are fed a balanced diet from puppyhood. In fact, puppies who are not fed a balanced diet are more likely to have an excess of phosphorus which accelerates the progression of renal failure.

It is extremely important that the amounts of calcium and phosphorus are fed at the correct ratio of 1.2 parts calcium for each 1 part phosphorus (1.2:1) for adult dogs and 1.4 parts calcium for each 1 part phosphorus (1.4:1) for puppies. Bella & Duke Puppy Food is formulated to meet these requirements.

Puppies require more calcium and phosphorous as they are still growing.

We are often asked when is a good time to move my puppy over to adult food. The answer I always say is roughly about a year. This is due to the fact that they have received the required amounts of calcium and phosphorus through the amount of food given.

When to change a Puppy to adult food

For all breeds of dog, you can change to adult food from 12 months as again they have received the right amount of calcium and phosphorus.

For a larger and giant breed of puppy, it is recommended and advised that you keep them on puppy food up until they are 18 months to 2 yrs as they are growing for longer than a small or medium sized dog.

Please seek Vet’s Advice if you are worried about anything featured in this article.

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