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Another paw forward : Why we are excited about the new meals with Nettles and Spirulina

Yes and yes, as per the recent video we released, we have new Bella and Duke meals with not one but two added ingredients. Nettles and Spirulina. These have already been beta tested on a few customers willing to throw themselves into the experimental breach, with a 100% positive feedback so far. Thank you for all those that took part.

So lets talk about the nettles. Stinging nettle, or urtica dioica, is a perennial flowering plant that has been used medicinally for literally ages, dating back as far as Ancient Greece. That kind of ages. We have all been there, fallen in and worn the remedial Dock leaf. The Greeks too apparently.

Nettles are increasingly recognised in alternative medical circles as a real superfood. With corresponding super benefits. Whilst as ever research (pharmaceuticals being reluctant to pour cash into natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, its just bad for business) remains thin, some of the purported benefits include:

Potent Anti-inflammatory. It appears that this is a general benefit and we are seeing great results in both humans and dogs.  One of the by products of this anti inflammatory quality appears to be relief from eczema  and other dry or itchy skin issues. It is in all fairness probably a combination of the anti oxidant, anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties combined, we don’t really know, or in fact care. It’s working. Feedback has been great and we now have enough “field tested feedback” to feel very confident so we have introduced into the meals. So you can enjoy the benefits for your pets now.

Also as a side product of the anti-inflammatory properties, we have witnessed a decrease in joint swelling and general pain relief in our pet population. This also fits with the expectations from human ‘studies” and feedback .

Nettles are also associated with positive hormonal expression in humans and one of the downstream benefits of this, in both humans and dogs is urinary tract health. This may be also linked to its mildly diuretic qualities.

The next ingredient Spirulina has swept the supplement world by storm. Spirulina is a blue green fresh water algae often grown on inland lakes.

With spirulina we categorically KNOW that extensive and successful studies have been completed, especially on its cancer fighting and prevention abilities. We also know that this works in animals and dogs, because some of the studies were first carried out on animals.

Using this to our advantage, so that other pets may benefit, we now know that this brings some serious and tangible life changing upsides. Prevention is always better than cure. Ask the fire brigade. Our intention is to create meals that are wholly positive and health enhancing and as such we hope that cancer rates amongst our dog customers fall dramatically. Spirulina can play its part in this mission.

Other trials have shown that spirulina can help detoxify heavy metals. Especially useful if your dog has been swimming in any polluted rivers or lakes.

It can also improve energy, be mildly anti viral (by improving white blood cell count) and help your dog lose any unwanted pounds. (probably due to its ability to decrease inflammation)

In short whats not to love? Please as ever feel wholly welcome to leave feedback. We want to evolve, innovate and improve.

Your dogs happiness and health is our success.








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