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Why Does My Dog Get Unwanted Attention from Other Dogs?

Why do some dogs get more attention than others? It can be a puzzle. You may have a spayed or un-spayed female, neutered or un-neutered male. Let’s give you some insight to help you understand, how to act or cope with these encounters using natural skills dogs understand.

You’ve absolutely no idea why dogs find your dog so appealing. The best bit is you find you apologies to the other dogs owner when they can’t get their dog back. You  explain, it’s not a bitch in season; It’s a male dog or a spayed bitch.

Your dog will become nervous.They may snap back, then someone says your dog is aggressive … Excuse me! I’d do the same if you encroached on my personal space, sniffed my bits or hugged me close! Not all dogs like to be humped or sniffed.

How close is too close when dogs meet?

Its completely dependent on your dogs character, likes and dislikes.

One client of mine, whose dog Harvey (neutered male) was the center of attention wherever he went, from both females and males. Neutered and un-neutered. The owner and of course the dog became more and more anxious when venturing out on their daily walks. It was clear she needed to take him to a less busy place and engage him more with her activities rather than dwell on what may happen.

 Valuable 1-2-1 time results in trust between teacher and pupil. In time, they  moved back to more populated places with confidence. Remembering that when a dog approached, she walked Harvey away at 90 degrees. If the interloper followed she arced round to the owner to ask politely if they would hold on to their dog while she walked away. (always worth carrying a spare lead with you)

Here are a few explanations of why and how best to  manage close encounters with other dogs.


Has Your Dog Got Anal Glands Issues?

Scientists confirm that anal glands have two functions

  1. To help lubricate the stool as it passes out
  2. To pass on hormonal/ chemical information about the dog to other dogs. Through pheromones, it  a scent information center who, what and when about any individual. Dogs live by their noses and heaps of useful information is gathered through the nose from various bodily fluids left in any dogs wake. From urine, drool, sweat from pads as they scuff the ground and the anal glands.

When a dog has a problem with their anal glands they become full and can become infected. The build-up of pheromones and  waste in these glands give off a very strong scent. As a result, these dogs will get attention from others. They can smell like a bitch coming into season? We know blocked glands smell absolutely revolting (if you’ve ever been privy to the delightful process of emptying them manually you’ll know exactly what I mean)

Manually expressing anal glands is counter productive

The glands get lazy then lose the ability to empty in the natural way. In the ideal world, we need to ensure that the stools are firm and wide, which encourages this process. On a Bella and Duke raw, complete diet, your dog’s poop is firmer. The dog will have to strain more to release it !!! It is beneficial to add in psyllium husk powder if your dog does have problems evacuating the glands (this draws water to your dog’s faeces and results in a wider poop. All very lovely).

There are occasions where manual expulsion is necessary if a dogs anal glands don’t sit in the right place.  If you are in doubt, then seek medical veterinary advice from your local holistic vet.


What is feminisation in male dogs & why does my neutered male get bullied by other dogs?

The hormone balance is disrupted when you neuter dogs, testosterone levels are massively depleted (the bulk of testosterone is produced in the testis). The adrenal glands do produce a small amount. Males not only produce testosterone but also oestrogen. Males excrete plenty of oestrogen in their urine. So making a wild guess (not seen the research) without a large amount of testosterone production then do some male neutered dogs smell more like a female in season? If anyone can point me in the direction of research I’d be fascinated!

One thing that has also come up is that unneutered males can present with this if they have a tumour in the testis. So a good heads up for those with unneutered male dogs.

I’m not a vet and this information is gathered from the internet and only is a very short overview of my limited knowledge,

Always if you are concerned, to make an appointment with your homoeopathic vet.


Why Does Your Spayed female receive unwanted attention every 6 months?

I had my girl spayed. sadly she kept getting unwanted attention during the times she would have usually been in season. The explanation I was given by my vet was that she must have had ovarian tissue left behind during spay.

 I had to keep her home-bound during these times as It was irritating and upsetting for her getting this attention.  Pretty irritating for  owners of male dogs on walks too when their dog took off in hot pursuit after Fly. She snapped  at those sniffing her bits and bobs as I would in the same situation, 

Again I’m not a vet and this information is only gathered from my personal experience.

Why does your older dog or more vulnerable character with anxieties, get unwanted approaches?

 A bully will pick on the physically vulnerable or shy characters because they  know they (in general) won’t get hurt. This is why I pick my dogs dog friends wisely, not all dogs will get on with all dogs as much as we don’t get on with everyone we meet.

You may have to change your destination and how you play and walk with your dogs as they mature or if you have a dog who just loves being with you and doesn’t welcome others in their space, remember they don’t have to as in the natural world whether we are talking wild dogs or street dogs, they all have their boundaries and personal spaces and for some even in our world, natural instinct runs true.

Remember its not just where you are when you exercise or spend  time with your dog. It is how you that counts. Enriching their lives in other ways like scent work in appropriate places gives them more brain work than constant reactionary play of fetch or tug. All games are great in moderation. For toy obsessed dogs then play that game once a week. Brain games, rest and calm the other days.

Help them to accept different places and  accept dogs at a distance they can cope with. Choose wisely for them.  Embrace them for who they truly are.

If you have a dog who rushes up to every dog and person you see on the horizon. Please have them on a long line until you have awesome recall. Interact positively to ensure you are the center of their universe.

Encounters with the exuberant and unthinking dog.

So, you’re enjoying your lovely fun dog walk with your friend and you can see a dog marching towards you like a tank on legs. Shouts come from afar “ He’s unwanted attention for dogsfine, and he’s friendly!” Oh please, from where you’re standing it’s neither  fine nor a friendly approach.

 Hearing the obligatory “ He’s fine, he’s friendly” from the owner 100 meters off when a dog is full pelt towards you is not helpful or true. The dog has no self control. It’s not a friendly approach and he has no connection to his owner. Anything could happen.

Stand firm. Side on. Arms crossed. Be still. Say nothing. Look away.

Shouting at the owner solves nothing. Standing still and looking away does. The owner will be more likely to take note of how their dogs actions make people feel.

What to do if a dog is bolting towards you

  • Take a 90-degree turn and stand firm with no eye contact and arms folded.
  • If you have a dog with you then quietly walk away.
  • Half circle back to the owner asking them to put their dog on a lead as you walk away.
  • By putting yourself side on in both these instances above; you are not a threat, no target for chasing. This is a natural a calming signal from dog to dog. Replicate that so they hopefully get it.

Some dogs though have lost their canine language through over correcting and over stimulating, but it worth a darn good go.

Why Does Your High Drive Dog Get Aggressive Reactions From Other Dogs?

When dogs meet they take a huge amount of information not only from body language but also from their scent. If a dog has been on a high drive exercise, they will be fueled full of the flight and fight hormone. So even if they are the friendliest dog on earth, they will smell ready for action. This is very alarming for those in the vicinity. Do be mindful of this when you are encountering other dogs en-route. Exercise needs to be varied in intensity and some dogs do better with less than more. So how much exercise is enough and when does exercise get in the way of a thinking approach?

A newly bathed dog, doesn’t smell like a dog!

If it smells like a dog then it probably is a dog and happy days to one and all who pass by. Be mindful of how often you wash your dog and with which products.

Have you ever taken your dog for his shampoo and set and then ventured out on a lovely walk, only to find that they have headed for the nearest mud bath, manky carcass or fox poop?

Dogs like smelling like dogs

Dogs live by their scent and if we decide that they smell better in the latest dog perfume, they will  have other ideas. You need to know, if your dog smells like anything less than a dog he or she will get unwanted attention. Others will need to check them out. It’s kind of “ You look like a dog, you walk like a dog, but  you really don’t smell like one, let me sniff your butt !”

On a raw diet, your dog will not get that unpleasant dog smell, there will be no room for bugs growing in all places unmentionable. They will smell gorgeous and the less we mess about with their coat and oils there in the better.


Dogs Getting Unwanted Attention Because of Their Breed.

For example

Pug Dogs, Old English Sheep Dogs, Bichon Frise, Bearded Collies and french Bulldogs

Now, I’m certainly not breedist and neither are most dogs unless they have had a less than savory encounter with a certain breed or colour.

Most breeds which get  unwanted attention are wide eyes dogs such as pug dogs and french bulldogs. To us, big eyes are cute, beautiful and endearing,t hat’s how we are built. However Wide-eyed and ready for the fight is what other dogs see. Staring is rude and confrontational and its no fault of your dog, its just how we’ve bred them. Alert ears and confusing with tiny or no tails to complete the calm body language.

We  have come up with dogs such as the English sheepdog, (the Dulux dog). From a dog’s perspective, this dog has limited communication, No Tail, no eyes and no ears that are visible. These guys do get loads of attention from both dogs and humans. Plus if he’s had a bath then he really is compromised.

Bathing and Grooming Your Dog

Dogs getting unwanted attention from people !

We also have to be aware that there are many dogs that don’t actually like attention from strangers. Some may endure it, some get pushy and jumpy and others back off or bark. Last resort when they have tried all that is either run off or bite.

Be your dog’s protector. Keep them safe. Be the person in your dog’s life that they can trust. A dog is his own person, he has his own likes and dislikes. Learn from him or her what makes each individual tick and what makes them, them. So when someone asks, or doesn’t but just stares at your dog with intention to engage or touch, simply guide your dog behind you or better still walk off. Your dog will be for ever grateful. Feel supported and understood, your bond can only increase for the better.

By Caroline Spencer for Bella and Duke raw food

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