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What Does My Puppy Need When I First Bring Them Home?

It’s so very exciting for all of you with the pending arrival of your new puppy.

Preparing home in good time before you pick him or her up is far better than racing about at the last minute. Here are a few reminders of what you will probably need.

Shopping list For Your New Puppy


Bella and Duke Food Raw Puppy Food.

  • Order your food in good time and chat to one of the team if you would like some advice

Do You Need Puppy pads or Old Towels For House Training?

This may well be a benefit if you live in a flat. However start as you mean to go on and if you have a garden, then after waking and eating and hourly take your pup out to the garden encourage it to a place you wish his always to pee and poop and when they have finished, warm gentle praise and a little treat.

Comfort blanket

For the journey home that you give to the breeder prior to the day you pick up puppy so it absorbs familiar scent.

Puppy Bed or Covered Crate?

They need a space that is only theirs and a place where they can just be and not be disturbed.

  • Covered bed
  • Or Covered crate with bedding
  • Or bed placed under a table
  • One in each room you’re puppy will be with you.
Puppy Bowls Or Plates

Ideally: Metal with non-slip bottom or ceramic

  • Water bowl
  • Food bowl / china plate
Safe Destructible Puppy Toys
  • Toys with no stuffing are safest.
  • Puppies are happy playing with anything but do make sure the toys are non toxic.

Keeping Your New Puppy Sage In The Car

  • Material or metal car crate secured in the back seat
  • Travel water bowl and bottle
  • Dog Poop bags
  • Spare lead and Harness
  • Toys to hide and find on your little walks
  • Treat bag for rewards out and about when they display the behaviour you love.

Keeping Your New Puppy Safe At Home.

  • It’s a good idea to discourage young pups continually walking up and down stairs. As it will put a strain on their immature bones,growth plates, ligaments and Muscles.
  • Prevent them from jumping down from furniture, pop a stool close by so they have a stepping stone.

Chews for teething puppies

Puppy Leads, Puppy harnesses and Puppy tags


  • Collar with an ID tag. Just pop on your number, name and address. Important they wear them on walks. Do not leave a collar on your dog or puppy when unattended.
  • A lovely soft mesh harness
  • Short lead

Pop the harness on and off, no rush for them to get used to them. Play follow me at home off the lead, short and sweet fun game.

  • Long line, for recall work, when out in the big wide world. However no need to take your puppy out too soon and the time spent at home watching the comings and goings and learning about you and home is going to help him feel safe and happy.

Check your home for puppy level chewable items and anything that could be of a danger to your new arrival.

The easiest way to do this is crawl about on hands and knees or better still army crawl about your home, please send in video footage we all love a good giggle in the office !!

En-Route you’ll probably find your long lost spare car keys, your granny’s diamond ring and lose change or be festering fo food scraps  Happy days!

  • Protect wires, you can get wire covers for TV wires etc.
  • Find a safe box to put children’s small toys in E.G Lego
  • Anything of value, like TV controls, spectacles etc. need to be kept out of reach.
  • Things you really don’t mind them destroying, do leave, e.g mug mats. These, then if taken by your puppy can be retrieved without panic by calling him to you and swapping for a suitable chew. If you make a big deal about anything and start chasing your puppy about then game on and they have learnt one attention seeking behaviour already.

Do let us know if there is anything you have found helpful when you got yours and have been missed.

Written by Caroline Spencer


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