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As you probably know struvite stones/crystals form when your dogs urines has a neutral or alkaline PH level (PH 7 or greater) and the urine is concentrated. Dogs are carnivores that eat a fresh meat based diet which naturally produces acidic urine which prevents this crystal formation, red meat is the best for this. Our dog meals have a natural water content of 60-70%, this helps to prevent dehydration and concentrated urine.

Dry or tinned dog food is typically high in cereals and vegetables, this will make the dogs urine alkaline. The prescription food your vet could have recommended may include artificial acidifiers, however a raw diet like ours will achieve this naturally. Our meals also contain raspberries and blueberries which are high in vitamin C and contain a substance thought to prevent bladder infections, it does this by preventing bacteria from adhering to the cells, which line the walls of the urinary tract. You could also supplement the meals with a few cranberries which are great for urinary infections.