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Welcome to the Bella & Duke raw dog food calculator! Use our free raw feeding calculator to work out how much raw food your dog will need to have enough energy throughout the day without any unnecessary calories and weight gain. A raw diet is excellent for your dog’s health and wellbeing but you need to make sure you’re feeding your dog the right amount as well as the right food.

Raw Dog Food Calculator by Weight & Age

There are three simple steps for using the raw feeding calculator:

1. Choose how many dogs you have
2. Enter your dog’s age and weight
3. Then click View box sizes & prices

Ready to go? Use the calculator below…

For more details about what’s in a box please click here for Box Sizes & Raw Meals. Please note the raw dog food calculator is just a guide; your dog is unique and you may need to adjust daily raw feeding accordingly, especially in relation to exercise and activity levels.

Short Video On Our Raw Feeding Calculator

Got any questions about the calculator or how much raw food to feed your dog or puppy? Get in touch with the Bella & Duke team and we’ll be more than happy to help. You can also browse our raw dog food and puppy food ranges below to find the best raw food for your pooch: