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Dogs Itchy Skin

Dogs Itchy SkinBoth Mark and I have received several questions regarding itchy skin on dogs.  Now whilst we’re very sorry to hear about this were actually a little bit excited because this can be relatively easy to heal and to resolve and it also links back to the subject of intestinal permeability.  Now in the spirit of helping everybody and both themselves and their dogs lead better lives we thought it would be easier to put together a free report for everybody who’s interested in the top five things that you should consider if you’re dog has itchy skin and you wish to address it, look forward to helping you.

Hypoallergenic Meals For Dogs

Our meals have natural raw ingredients which exclude dairy, soya, grains and many other irritable ingredients, click to find out more about our healthy dog meals. Our meals are designed so it’s really easy for dogs to digest, We only use human grade ingredients to supply essential nutrients, which makes them easily digestible for dogs.

Some Customer Reviews

Having received such amazing telephone customer service I was pinning my hopes on the product is first class too. My 8-month kibble fed puppy wasn’t a healthy chap! What can I say..great packaging, easy to store, easy to use, brilliant quality raw food, it has delivered thus far! Ultimate benchmark; puppy literally inhales his meals, immediately his loose stools stopped -his poop looks like proper poop and the frequency has decreased. Finally, this will mean my puppy will put on weight at the correct rate and thrive. I look forward to continuing to use Bella and Duke in pursuit of all the other long-term benefits raw feeding provides for my puppy. My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner! Thank you – Angela McCalley

My dog Jack has been on raw for a few months now. He looks and from his behaviour feels fantastic. If your dog is used to kibble I would suggest feeding the higher end” amount “wise of the raw food for a month until your dog adjusts to not having all the carbs that were in the kibble. The quality of the food is fantastic and the service is great. Would definitely recommend. – Karl Dolittle

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