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Raw Success With Bella and Duke – Meet Zarla and Bertie!

Here at Bella & Duke, in both our online group and on our Facebook page, we are seeing a constant stream of amazing stories about how switching to raw has helped improve health and has cleared up ailments. Something which we are obviously ecstatic about! In our new weekly ‘Pack Profile’ feature, we focus on the members of our Bella & Duke pack and how switching to raw is changing the lives of dogs everywhere! This week we meet Zarla and Bertie, who have first hand (and paw!) experience of the positive health benefits of raw dog food.

Name(s): Zarla and Bertie

Bertie’s Breed: Border Terrier

Location: Leicester

Our Story: ‘How B&D has helped us to tame our wacky Border terrier!’

“He was healthy, but after a stressful year in our household and being a very sensitive creature, he was strung out to the point of screaming and throwing himself at the door whenever someone was coming in. He screamed and wanted fuss every time someone got up in the night, he ran around and around whenever he was the slightest bit excited about anything!

calm and relaxed border terrier switch to raw dog food

“He had gotten uncontrollable. Someone suggested raw feed and I stumbled upon B&D whilst googling. It took a few days transition period but since then I have seen a steady improvement in his behaviours. He no longer screams, he does try to shove the door still but we are still working on that one. I have every faith he will learn. He doesn’t run around and around and can be calmed with a command now. We are a whole lot happier as a family and I know he is calmer and more secure!”

If you have a story you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you! You can submit your story by e-mailing me directly at oliver.meades@bellaanduke.com.

Thank you to Zarla and Bertie for sharing your story with us!




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