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While She Wasn’t Starved, You Could Play a Tune On Her Ribs and Her Coat Was Dull.

I’ve had Scamp now for three months.  She is nearly three years old and when asked, her previous owner fed said he fed her on ‘scraps!’  While she wasn’t starved, you could play a tune on her ribs and her coat was dull.  She ­­­ was also constantly scratching, despite not having any fleas.

I started her on a dried food that was recommended by my local pet store.  She wasn’t really interested in the food, so I changed to a different dried food.  It was difficult to keep her interested and hence difficult to get her to gain some needed weight.  Also the itching continued.

I started researching different dog foods and saw an advert for Bella and Duke.  Around the same time, a friend of mine suggested trying raw, so I took the plunge and ordered.

My first order arrived and we haven’t looked back and I’m glad to say, I have a different dog.  It’s so great to see her looking forward to and ‘woofing’ down her food, excused the pun!

Her weight is spot on now, she has a deliciously glossy, soft coat and the itching is subsiding.

No going back.  Wish I’d known about raw with my other two dogs.

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