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We Adopted Her When She Was 4 Years Old and Didn’t Know Much About Her

My little dog Bella is a pug, she is rather small only 6.5kg, runs like a spaniel and thinks she’s the size of a Labrador. She has a wonderfully soft coat, good teeth and loves life. We adopted her when she was 4 years old and didn’t know much about her, From what we do know she was always fed Royal Canin for pugs (although she came with a bag of puppy food?!?) so this is what we continued to do for her, she loves food and seems to really enjoy her biscuits. She also likes to eat grass and rabbit poo. In the last year and a half we have discovered she has epilepsy, now being managed with medication and had very serious problems with her anal glands, which lead to them having to be removed in January. Also after various tests, the vet thinks she is having a bit of middle-aged incontinence as well.

So time to change things up for her, get her on a new diet and hope this improves her health and we don’t have to visit the vets every few weeks anymore. After much research, I settled on Bella and Duke raw complete. I don’t know anything about raw feeding and found it all quite overwhelming, should it have vegetables? Should I make my own? Should I buy all the parts separately? Should I go for a complete mix? But thanks to Bella and Dukes helpful videos, Facebook group and website I was able to work out what would work best for me and my Bella.

The ordering was very easy, and you are able to exclude flavours if your dog doesn’t like them or has an allergy. They deliver with DPD which is brilliant as they give you an hour time slot so you don’t have to wait in all day.

I unpacked all the food which was still nicely frozen and divided each flavour up into 100g chunks so I can defrost Bella a different flavour each day.

This evening she had salmon, and after sniffing and a great deal of contemplation, she started eating. She ate it much slower than her biscuits, which is excellent and licked the bowl clean.

Tomorrow morning she will be having her biscuits and in the fridge, we have the beef defrosting.

Looking forward to her bowel movements tomorrow !!!! She usually only does one Large very uncomfortable poop a day ……….

A week later

Bella is now having two smaller poops a day and seems to be struggling a little less, still clearly quite difficult for her but she doesn’t have anal glands so there nothing to help it along. I am researching how to make this better for her at the moment.

She eats her food much slower and generally seems to be enjoying it much more. The fish and salmon don’t go down as well but hey I don’t like fish either!

With her biscuits, because she ate them so fast, often she would be sick. Have had none of this so far so very happy and so is my carpet!

Still eats rabbit poop but the grass consumption has reduced dramatically.

She has loads of energy, always has done but seems to be able to go a bit longer before she starts walking herself home.

Her breath and farts are pretty neutral which is far more pleasant for me as she sleeps on my pillow!

Looking good and smelling great 🙂

She is currently having her biscuits in the morning and Bella & Duke for dinner. She still has treats I have to hide her tablets for her various issues in them, I use the most natural treats I can find and absolutely no rawhide! Looking forward to trying some of the treats range Bella and Duke has just announced. She won’t eat any fruit or veg I have tried. For the moment I won’t be taking her off her morning biscuits, as I have to very carefully monitor everything due to her health issues.

She loves chewing on an antler which is great for her teeth, natural and keeps her very happy. I’m hoping to be able to get her off the dental sticks, now she has the antler and the raw food.

Overall I’m very happy with the progress we are making. It’s all going the right way, just needs a bit more time for her to be fully adjusted. I also need to find something to help her poop easier

Thank you Bella and Duke for helping me and my Bella

Lots of love and licks

Bella and Kate xxx

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  1. Try Slippery Elm Bark. It is supposed to help lubricate the gut, which in turn helps with digestion. Good luck

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