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Murphy Is My 20 Month Old Labrador, He’s a Beautiful Boy Who Has Some Difficulties.

Murphy is my 20 month old Labrador. He’s a beautiful boy who has some difficulties. He’s reactive to other dogs out of anxiety. He has a hard time relaxing and does everything at 100 miles an hour. He finds focusing on training difficult. He also has elbow dyspepsia.

He wasn’t a fan of kibble, would often leave it or vomit it. I was using grain free, high end food which cost a fortune! I was advised against switching to raw because too much protein will make him worse! In the end I decided I was going to try it anyway after researching a lot. I chose Bella and Duke after lots of researching raw feed companies.

Gone is my fussy eater! He loves it. He tells me it’s food time and sits there drooling. Contrary to what I was told his behaviour has improved. He’s calmer, he sleeps more (this was a problem as he wouldn’t rest) his focus is improved and he’s never sick. We’ve pretty much cracked loose lead walking, no more pulling me like a steam train, and I had been working on this for ages. He’s a happier dog all round. I really have noticed a big positive change in his mental state. Not sleeping enough would see him behaving like an angry, over tired, toddler which, I guess, was exactly what he was. I’ve been amazed at just how much this has improved since switching to Bella and Duke.

Since being on raw we haven’t had any flare up with his elbow either. I do believe raw feeding plays a part in this too. Certain foods can cause inflammation.
I would never go back. It’s been a really positive change for us all round.

–¬†Steph Pinsent

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