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It’s a rarity these days to find people who genuinely care!

It’s only the 3rd day since making the switch over to raw feeding our 15-week old Rhodesian Ridgeback and already what a difference it’s made! We have tried her on a few dry foods from the middle of the range to the most expensive and every time she’s had an upset tummy and has been constantly itching, she also developed an ear infection due to her ears being so waxy but not sure if it was food related. In 3 days she’s completely stopped her itching, and she is now down to a morning and evening � only, she’s already thriving.

Thank you so much B&D for helping to make her a happier girl! Can’t recommend you enough, the way you run your business is fantastic, it’s a rarity these days to find people who genuinely care! It also helps that she absolutely loves your food and as soon as I take the tub out the fridge she goes mad! 5 stars for you! X Kim Wrightson

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