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I adopted a beautiful Alaskan Malamute named Kona

Hi there. My name’s Jude and 5 months ago I adopted a beautiful Alaskan Malamute named Kona. She was 18 months old at the time and, thankfully, had been very well treated in her previous home. However, family circumstances had changed and they weren’t able to keep her.

At her previous home, she was fed on a mixture of kibble and tinned dog food and I kept her on this for a few weeks as I didn’t want to add any more changes to her life immediately. It was always my intention to switch her to raw though as I have two raw fed cats.

During those few weeks, Kona had zero interest in her food. She’d take a couple of bites and walk away, most of it ended up in the bin! She also had very low energy levels and could barely walk 2 miles without having a rest … anyone who knows anything about malamutes knows they are famous for their stamina and endurance! She suffered from chronic diarrhoea as well.
Although I’d always made my own cat food I decided with three pets I wanted the convenience of ready-made raw meals and started researching. After checking out several companies I decided to try Bella & Duke – I loved the fact I could set up a subscription and never have to worry about running out of food!

So the food arrived and I was excited to see how Kona got on with it. She took a sniff and walked away! One of my cats ran straight over and got stuck in (they would never touch the kibble and tinned food) Kona came back to have another look and promptly ate the lot! We haven’t looked back since. She just loves it, and I love seeing her get so excited about her food!

Kona now has tonnes of energy, and regularly competes for ten-mile hikes carrying a backpack. She got bright eyes, a thick shiny coat and at her last vet visit the vet commented on how beautifully clean her teeth are (i don’t clean them). There’s been no more diarrhoea either … her poo is now firm and it doesn’t smell.

I think it’s safe to say that Bella & Duke has been a total success for us!

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  1. Hello my name is Clare and I have a rescue Siberian husky Skye when I had her she was 2 and in a bad place but put her on raw but she is very finicky and did not like consistency of some raw so I have tried Bella and duke and will keep updated. Have to say packed well on delivery and nicely packaged .

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