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He’d always been fed on cheap tins of dog food and a lot of scraps of food.

I first got my dog, a Pom-a-pug called Maxwell, when he was 2 1/2 years old and he’d always been fed on cheap tins of dog food and a lot of scraps of food. Rustle a crisp packet and he’d come running! I swapped him straight away to kibble… I’d been led to believe it was the healthiest food to give him. He was overweight and I was keen to help change that. After a year his weight was no better but now he had dental issues. He needed 8 teeth removing! I was heartbroken for him and I felt to blame. I looked straight away at his diet. I contacted the famous kibble company that was tailor making his kibble for him and queried the issues I’d been having. They were suddenly no longer keen to reply to me emails! Apart from his teeth issues I’d also become concerned by the amount of pooping he was doing. It was averaging 5-6 times a day! He would even have to get me up at 3am so he could go! And if it rained before I picked it up from the garden i would find it had all fallen apart into a puddle like mess. The company blamed my dog having worms for it! There was zero chance of that as he is so well looked after.

So this is when I started to look into what else I could feed Maxwell to give him a healthier diet. My son feeds his dog a raw diet so I researched it and that is when I came across Bella & Duke. They were so enthusiastic about raw diet and the benefits and I liked the fact that their food was a complete diet. I ordered a 4kg box and waited to see. Well their customer service is second to none. All my questions were answered and they even called me up to talk me through the things I wasn’t sure on.

I have to admit I was nervous about the raw diet. I’m not vegetarian but I didn’t want to be dealing with ‘blood and guts’ every morning before my porridge! I needn’t have been worried. The food comes in little plastic tubs and it have the appearance of pate. I simply cut the box into 6 cubes and then give Maxwell one in the morning and one in the evening. Whereas his kibble would sit around most of the day (I often could miss a meal as it would still be there at the next mealtime), his Bella & Duke food is gone in a minute. He actually dances all the way to his bowl and will bark for his food, he’s that excited.

Health wise… Well his teeth are great now, he poops once a day and it’s firm and no longer falls apart in the rain. His coat is soft and shiny. He still hasn’t lost any weight but his shape has changed and you can see now that he’s got some muscle tone. He’s obviously happy and I am happy now too.

I couldn’t be happier with Bella & Duke and trust them 100% with Maxwell’s food. A raw diet has literally changed Maxwell’s life!


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