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Clover’s Amazing Transformation In Just 3 Weeks

Hi. We got Clover from a rescue in Romania when she was 3 and a half months old. When she arrived she was covered in yellow faecal matter and vomit. This was the beginning of a 2-year nightmare that could have cost Clover her life. She was diagnosed with severe colitis and medication was given which worked.

We tried food costing over 100 pounds a month. Then came the allergy tests mounting up into hundreds of pounds to be told she is allergic to over 30 things ranging from dust mite food and even 4 types of grass and dandelions. For 2 years it was a living nightmare.

We could not train her properly as she was so hyper and getting more aggressive towards people when out. We got her onto antiallergenic dog food with times of Venison and eggs which was all she was allowed. Oh and 2 antihistamines a day for life she needed. It all just got too expensive.

So I decided to look at raw food. I had seen and read a little about it but did not think that could help MY dog it just didn’t make sense. I looked around and found Bella and Duke. Reasonable prices and the half price trial box was great, but I was concerned as the meats were what I was told she is allergic to and I don’t want bloody faecal matter and a very ill dog which is what she was.

So I rang up and Tony spoke to me for quite a while about why it would be the right choice as I still needed a little convincing. So after a very long time on the phone and a few calls later Clover was on the trial, eating duck fish and turkey. We have found she loves it and ordered the 16kg which we have about 10 days left of.

So in nearly 3 weeks, this is what happened to Clover. She stopped itching by over 90 percent, dust mites still irritate her a little, her coat is super smooth with lots of oils. She has put on weight which we found impossible before. She is not aggressive at all, with myself or the cats etc. She settles down and responds a lot more than ever before. She now has poos that are smaller and go white really quickly like I used to see years ago as a child. I don’t think I could be more grateful┬áto Tony for the time he spent reassuring me and helping me understand.


Laura Howarth

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