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Been using Bella and Duke for only a little over a week just now and what a difference it has made!!

Hi there my name Rachael and we have been using Bella and Duke for only a little over a week just now and what a difference it has made!! Let me start from the beginning…..

We bought Hollie our little French bulldog on the 3rd of February and she had been weaned to raw by our breeder. We were using another raw brand to which our breeder recommended, Hollie was exclusively eating a puppy weaning paste which consisted of just chicken. She was to eat this until she was 6 months old per the advice of our breeder but I noticed that there was no excitement around the food, she would constantly leave food in the bowl only eatin small amounts and some days not eating at all. I was worried about her and wanted to make sure what she was eating was providing her great nutrition and providing her with an enjoyable meal. Her toilet was always so hard and dry where she would strain to do the toilet, she was constantly begging for scraps from our plates, she went for her weigh in at the vet and that’s when it became real in 5 weeks she had only gained 1lb in 4 weeks the vet wasn’t too concerned but advised us to try a new brand so that’s when I started researching lots of other brands to find the best.

That’s when we found Bella & Duke, I loved that all Hollies food would be calculated and I’d be sent the correct amount of food also that it was a subscription I never needed to worry about ordering the food it which is fab!

I noticed a massive difference in Hollie only after a couple of days she was excited for her meals, she was cleaning the bowls of food and the variety of flavours is amazing!!

Hollie seems more settled after her meals she isn’t scrounging for food and she is passing her toilet a lot more easier she isn’t straining when doing the toilet anymore which is amazing. She hasn’t been weighed yet but I can feel when lifting her she has a lot more weigh about her.

Her fur and skin looks amazing and shiny.

A little thing I loved about the delivery was when I received my delivery from the other raw brand they all came in a cardboard box by itself I worried about the food defrosting which a couple of them did but with Bella and Duke the food came in coolwool so every meal was nicely frozen to be popped straight in to my freezer!!


One response to “Been using Bella and Duke for only a little over a week just now and what a difference it has made!!

  1. Like the harness your dog is wearing as it appears to have adjustments on the sides,at the front. Where did you get it from please?

    Regards, Pam

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