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Mark Scott Pet Nutrition CertificateHaving had dogs my whole life, it was not difficult for me to get passionate about what I had learnt in the last 5 years, in my mission to work on the health and well being of my dogs and I, through the improvement of both nutrition and mental state. My mission began when I lost my dog Morph to cancer and realised I had not looked at my own diet. Prior to the birth of Bella & Duke I studied Hospitality Management and set up my own sales and marketing business at the age of 20.  Since then I have been involved in many industries and sectors helping to develop brands.  My love of dogs and Scotland motivated me to create Great Rental Properties Ltd which are luxury holiday homes that accept pets across the Scottish Highlands. I have brought my online experience to help create a brand that people can trust and love.


Tony from Bella & DukeI’ve been involved in the human food industry for nearly 30 years supplying all sectors from supermarkets and food service to manufacturing.

Throughout my life, I’ve always had dogs and have had the pleasure of their constant and unconditional love. It is, therefore, a privilege for me to be able to combine my knowledge of the food industry with my love for our four-legged friends and use my experiences to help improve the health and quality of all dog’s lives with raw food.




Wendy McGrandles BVMS VetMFHom MRCVSWendy McGrandles BVMS VetMFHom MRCVS

Wendy qualified from Glasgow Vet School in 1983 and founded Glenbrae Vet Clinic in 1990.  Wendy has developed a keen interest in integrating the best conventional treatments with the best complementary therapies available. She is a registered specialist with the Faculty of Homeopathy and also Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Low-Level Laser and Physiotherapy.

Living on a smallholding surrounded by Horses, Cows and Hens, Wendy has two homebred Labradoodles and a Birman cat called Frodo.



Rowan Sanderson – Practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Rowan’s ultimate obsession is “Why?”, followed by “How can we fix this”? If something is not functioning as it should or as it can, then Rowan will dig down to the root cause of the malfunction to better set it right.

Rowan SandersonHaving nurtured a lifelong passion for better understanding nutrition and its impact on both health and longevity, it was only when his own health was seriously compromised that Rowan completely immersed his energies into the field of Functional Medicine to realise its benefits and heal himself.

After finding little recourse in the field of conventional medicine and refusing to accept repeatedly vague and unscientific diagnoses, he was inspired by one of the leading lights in Functional Medicine, Chris Kresser, to adopt a new approach to healing himself; one that leveraged of the latest scientific research and developments in laboratory testing; one that sees symptoms as common but never normal and utilises these symptoms, as would a Detective, to narrow down on the root causes of his illness.

Whilst successfully re-finding his own health, Rowan was inspired to totally retrain and change careers with the goal of bringing Functional Medicine, Health & Wellness to others as a force for positive. Rowan graduated from the Institute for Transformational Nutrition, qualified as a Practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, more recently as one of the first ever Bulletproof Coaches globally from the Bulletproof Training Academy and currently has the pleasure of training with one of the people who initially inspired him to health, Chris Kresser from the California Centre for Functional Medicine.

Caroline Spencer

Caroline SpencerI have worked with dogs and people all my adult life and continue to do so. All behaviour has a function; there is a reason behind everything dogs do. If we learn to interpret our dog’s body language we can have a good idea of how they are feeling, and therefore reacting, in any given situation. How our dogs feel and react depends on personality, upbringing and environment. Dogs need to feel safe, and by building a mutually respectful, loving and trusting relationship we can become their safety net when guiding them through our confusing human world.

By working with their canine nature rather than imposing our (often incomprehensible to them), human expectations, we can build their self-control and patience, creating a thinking dog who makes good choices for our human world, even when these choices are not natural to them. A life within sensible and understandable boundaries is what makes us all feel appreciated, loved and above all safe.

My favourite pastime is bashing theories and ideas about regularly with my dear friend and colleague Lesley Harris; it’s our passion and what keeps us moving forward and improving. I wrote “Why Does My Dog Do That?” to explain to owners why dogs do what they do and as importantly how to modify undesirable behaviours. Lesley and I have written “Parenting Your New Puppy” to give new owners insight into choosing a puppy, and how to bring him up by guiding him toward making good choices. Our aim is to show his humans how to enable him to fit in with our world, safe in the knowledge he can relax and be happy where ever they are.

I have worked with many reactive dogs and the one thing that always frightens handlers is “What if the dog lunges and I can’t control him?”. My harness helps you educate your dog to walk with you because he wants to – not because you’ve made him do so.

I have joined forces with Bella & Duke as I firmly believe (and it has been proven) that a fresh food diet is a basis for a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy body promotes a healthy and well-balanced emotional state, and this, in turn, creates an ideal starting point from which to learn. This is what our health professionals tell us works for humans, so why should it be different for any other animal? We all want a healthy dog who lives a long and happy life.

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